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 Okay, in this comparison I'm interested too!
 Sounds promising, I hope I'll have a chance next week to check out the EL8 closed version in my studio. Any problems in the treble as stated above^ ?
 You can see the photos of the original pads one the first page. A few page after there is photos of the other GM pads.
  I don't know, I was never in interested in the audeze before.
  I had some thoughts in this direction about the pads, but I was hoping I'm wrong. About the baffle looks like a interesting concept to me.
 It'd be interesting to see some mods, If there is no iproducts sticky double sided adhesive tape or other type of weird glue I think it should be okay.
  The frequency response looks great!!! Remind me the balanced sound of the Pioneer monitor 10 graph and with today Audeze technology we maybe have a studio monitor winner.  Pioneer monitor 10 graph, 
  Now you made me even more interested in those hps, maybe is time to test them on the Phonitor.   I wonder if there is any frequency response graph available to see where they stand at the 62Hz. The vorzuge pure II sounds good, I'll check  about it! I miss your amp (self designed Baritone 1) and I hope made another one!
And there is this sweet comparison,  
By replacing the K7xx pads with the K702 pads I think you get them more balanced over the sound spectrum.
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