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  Great news! German Maestro are super fast I've got them in about a week from Germany to San Francisco, no worries you'll have your hps soon.
  I hope you got the 8.35, if you're still having problems with audiobasics-com you should inform GM and check their take on this issue.
The HD-600 remind me the something between the Tannoy PBM 8 and the Mackie HR 824. For studio use I prefer the K-702 that is more like my Adams A7.
 As far as I know GMP have two types of dust cover/net, the first one is net look like type and the sound is very flat and balanced (Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors type of flat sound). The second dust cover/net is made of foam and it's much thicker compare to the first one and the sound is a bit more bassy and warm both nets I've own and used with the oval pads.
  I didn't had any experience with the 8.300, but here you can see some sound FR graphs, http://www.head-fi.org/t/725214/german-maestro-gmp-8-35d-vs-gmp-8-300d About the people mods, I think is great to explore a different versions of a sound that you like and this probably the only way to get a first hand experience and to perfect your own personal test and need. This way I was able to find out that I prefer the oval pads, in the end is all about personal preference and...
 I'm sure they'll try to help out especially if you're under the warranty time period, even if not looks like they'll find a good solution that will work for you. If you want the 8.35 model maybe you can ask them to add the differential price.      My logo branding on the ear cup didn't fall off, just the white logo color comes off/ washed out from the branding plastic. I love the badass original white logo, I wanted to try the color one which I glued on the original...
  We should see about the durability of the new coiled cable, only time will tell. The plastic shell /tube on the new cable is more flexible compare to the old one. The old cable hold it for 6-7 years and in the last 5 years those hps has been all over the hot Israeli desert almost any weekend. In this period of the last 5 years of outdoor Israeli desert trance parties I was able to destroyed 3 good pairs of sport shows because of the high temperature and the crazy changes...
Looks like this units a good for laptop for Djing, I'm a bit disappointed with those external sound cards, even his big brother have this mini USB.  I don't understand Roland, why not to go with USB 3 or the thunderbolt connection? I mean you guys looking for battery and to connect it to the iphone and I'm looking to work with this unit in my studio with a minimum latency under 1sec.     Edit, do you guys know what is the opamp under the hood?
A nice shot during my Dj gig outdoor Goa trance party.  
 Okay, in this comparison I'm interested too!
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