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 What a bummer! What are you going to do now, are you going to ask back for the first pair, do the second pair have a different pads?
  Well, I'm glad to know your Canadian distributor taking a good care of you as should be and you're getting soon a new pair of headphones. About the serial number I lost the box and I'm not sure I had one and this never bothered me anyway. The other guy at GM is Thomas, a super nice dude. As far as I'm aware from this thread and others threads here on head-fi the GM team always reply to their emails and they're taking a great care of their customers. I hope the storm will...
  Did you got the parts, can you post some pics of the issue you having? Any news from GM?
  I saw a few on ebay, some hard cases some pouch/bags worth to check it out.
  The 8.35 drivers have a great resolution in the bass area, I mean you can mix your bass in a more easy way with better confidence, I feel the 8.35 are true and balanced in today studio standards. To use a compressor on the kick can bring it hard and forward in the mix, also to use a bit of compression on the drum loop can be very cool. The Kruder & Dorfmeister K&D sessions album have a great studio production even in today's standards and had a great impact and influence...
  Great direction you have there with your music, spacefunk and of course the furious five jump to my mind = I like it a lot!  Fila Brazillia are from the UK and Kruder & Dorfmeister are from Vienna. They both have solo projects, Tosca and Peace Orchestra. I love a lot of music, if there is some feel in the music that I can feel and can inspired me this will be my biggest reward.  
 Fila Brazillia, kruder & dorfmeister it's a must for this genre of music! You can start with those two,   
  The M-50 have more bass but I've found this bass to be a bit artificial, like I can hear the bass and in the same time the boost of the sane bass note, feel like someone added a boost on the bass and you cant take it off. You're right about the Sony's this remind me my experience with the MDR7506 to have this compressed effect, is like a multiband compressor is always on! About the pads, I'm not sure if the stock pads still are the flat pads with the oval opening,...
 Well done, remind me a bit of Fila Brazillia, Kruder & Dorfmeister.
 Congratulation! I'm glad you got them that fast and I do agree with you about the clamping force and the coiled cable. Your early impression remind me of my own experience. There is some burn in time for the drivers to set in, I don't remember the exact time now but I think I've mentioned the hours a few times in the early posts of this thread. In the past I had a great opportunity to check out the M-50 on the George Massenburg mastering equipment. I've found out the m-50...
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