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Haha thank you thank you I'll add in the kilos for my foreign buddies .I just ordered a pair of SE846s for $730 shipped with no tax. Thank you to the members here the valuable insight. I'll be sure to come back here to see what others up to. Thank you all again!My next upgrade will be the AK120II. When I listened to the SE846s wth the AK120II, it was simply bliss!Cheers.
Dinerenblanc, thank you so much for the tip on getting these babies for $700. I will look into the custom cables you linked. Thank you again! These would make the gym a blast every time, ever after 10 sets of squats . Cheers!
I have always been afraid of using expensive IEMS in the past due to non replaceable wires. I don't know anyone who uses IEMs of this magnitude for the gym. Unless it's the head-fi crew of course .
I had the same problem with my Woo Audio 6 amp. Look into getting a HumX and connect it to your amp. It will solve the problem.
I was able to test out my uncle's SE846. I'm coming from a pair of Westone 4s, Ultimate Ear Triple Fis, and Westone UM2s. I tested the Shures first with my AK100 running FLACS in addition to 24/96 and 24/192 songs. Let me say that I am blown away by how powerful and clean the SE846 sounds in regards to the highs, mids, and especially the lows. The bass absolutely destroys all of the aforementioned earphones. I then compared the Shures to my Sennheiser HD650s which was...
Ah ok thank you for the explanation for both cases. HumX on just my PC sounds good =). Now what is the solution for enabling 24/192 to work correctly? I happen to be using an adapter for the optical cable to connect to my AK100's optical in. Perhaps a cable without an adapter plugged directly into the AK100 might fix this?
I'm looking more into ground loops and the HumX.   A more simple solution might be to power my AK100 from it's mini USB connection to the outlet (using an adapter). The noise hum noise might be conflicted with my PC's USB ports.   Comments about the AK100 itself   In any case, I gotta say that the AK100 as a portable device is fantastic. I've let my friends try it with the Westone 4s (very awkward for them to put on lol, thankfully foams can be replaced) and they are...
Could you expand on "Getting 192 from toslink is transport dependent."? The source is coming from my motherboard. 24/96 is flawless via optical but 24/192 causes a harsh static that resembles a bad TV broadcast. It could be the source...anyone else got any ideas? And can anyone comment on the HumX??? Did it work on eliminating a hum sound when the AK100 is connected to an amp AND charged by the USB cable? I'm assuming I use the HumX to connect to my headphone amp, which...
Thank you for answering one of my questions. Does the AK100 still only do 24/96 when connected via Digital In from my PC?   That's a shame about the background noise when connected USB for charging (when used with an amp). Anybody else got any ideas?
I've had the AK100 (stock) for more than half a year. I used it mainly for work and on the go with my IEMS.   It is amazing with Westone 4s IEMs, especially with 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC files.   I had a question though. Two actually!   I am currently using it as part of a home setup. Digital out from my PC -> AK100 -> Headphone amp (Woo audio WA6) -> HD650s.   1. Whenever I have the USB cable connected to keep it charged (the one that came with the AK100), I hear a...
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