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Oops! Since you're going with over-ear, I'll say on-ear just so all the bases are covered.
Hello Head-Fi! Up for sale is a lightly used pair of Sennheiser HD518. The headphones are in very good condition with minimal wear and will come with the original packaging and the stock cable. I'll also throw in an eBay-purchased 1.5m cable (as pictured) from the same seller as this listing: Price includes PayPal fees, but NOT shipping, so please PM me your ZIP / Postal Code for a shipping quote through USPS. Thank you for looking! .
jet stream trough
The original 1st gen Momentum cable (1.4m long, straight jack) can be purchased from Sennheiser. It's part number 552704. EDIT: Just remembered that the plug isn't gold-plated.
Fat is Flavor
Verizon. The company so evil their dastardly deeds are noticed across the pond! But seriously, you're absolutely right. Doesn't help that people really have no clue how much their cell phone actually costs and many may not even care since they think they need the latest and greatest (i.e. iPhone or Galaxy. "Better" flagships are ignored). A midrange phone like this Moto G or Lumia 735 (unfortunately, only available locked to Verizon) is enough phone for most. I do...
Great review, Mark!Just a note for those of us in the US: The Verizon prepaid version, which can be found for a little as $30 or so recently, does NOT have the microSD slot. Not sure why, but that really affects the usefulness of the device. As a result, I really only use mine for streaming music and for apps that aren't available on my Windows Phone. Shame since the G sounds so nice.You probably meant 635. The development of the 636 (and various other low-end things) was...
I have had the Dubliz in my possession for a few weeks so I'd thought I'd chime in with my two cents. Thanks to Zelda for letting me borrow these (and for being patient with me ). I only have the earphones here, so can't really comment on the packaging or accessories. Build quality appears to be pretty robust with the metal housings and the well-designed strain reliefs on the earphone end. The straight plug looks good but I'm slightly concerned about the entry point of...
Very eloquently put! To quote and reappropriate a saying from one of my high school teachers: Head-Fi is not a drive-thru window.
I don't have the EP30 (see golov's link to ClieOS' post for impressions on them), but do own the EP10 and EP20. I'm pretty sure I shared some impressions on these earlier in the thread, but I would personally skip the EP10 since I found them to sound thin, uninvolving, and a touch harsh. The EP20 isn't bad for the price and sounds a bit like an improved AKG K12P / K312, but the fit isn't the greatest. I'm not really crazy about either of them.
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