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Thanks for the awesome update! Good to see the Pioneer SE-CE521 getting the recognition I feel it deserves. Just wish they would sell them here in the US.In Japan, the Pioneers may be cheaper at around ¥1050 (~$8.85 US) shipped.
Hello Head-Fi! Up for sale today is a brand new, unused, and still-in-box Sennheiser HD518. These were originally purchased as a backup, but I've since decided it was best just to let these go. Price covers the headphones and PayPal fees, but NOT shipping, so please Private Message me with your ZIP or Postal Code and I'll give you a quote as the package will weigh around 2 lbs. I'd like to keep this to Head-Fiers in the United States or Canada, but I may entertain...
Google Earth Day Quiz Apparently, I'm a mantis shrimp.
This thread is almost THREE YEARS OLD! Thread starter hasn't been online since last November. I would like to know what he ended up getting, though.
Hello Head-Fi! Up for sale is a barely used pair of the infamous Panasonic RP-HT480. The headphones are in excellent condition and come with the pouch and original packaging. I'm asking for $28 shipped, which includes postage within the US and PayPal fees. As always, feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
There's one "review" on Kakaku but it's not very in depth and not worth anybody's time.+1. Great headphones! (Thanks for the recommendation, jant!) It's a crime how under-appreciated the PX95 and PMX95 are. I think even Senn's forgotten about them.
Great to see the SE-CE521 getting some love in this thread. A really solid earbud by Pioneer that's ridiculously cheap (as low as ¥1050!) in Japan.Don't have the OMX 185, but rather the MX 375, which is what the OMX is based off of. Really solid earbuds with good balance and open sound.I'm sorry to hear that. It really is a shame that they're so ergonomically awkward since they sound quite good.
You think? Hint: What day is today?Ooh, I'll have to try that! Thanks for sharing!
use the pages
Thanks for setting this tour up! My current list of headphones is in my profile. Some of the earbuds I own include the Creative Aurvana Air, BLOX M2C, and good number of Sennheiser earbuds. Links to reviews of the Air and M2C are in my signature. I have also reviewed the Sennheiser MX580 as well as various earbuds in the MX*60 series. Earbud fan in NC.
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