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Thanks for setting this tour up! My current list of headphones is in my profile. Some of the earbuds I own include the Creative Aurvana Air, BLOX M2C, and good number of Sennheiser earbuds. Links to reviews of the Air and M2C are in my signature. I have also reviewed the Sennheiser MX580 as well as various earbuds in the MX*60 series. Earbud fan in NC. It doesn't have to be that one, though. As long as the depth / length of the PSU is no more than 5.9" / 150mm you should be okay. The Antec is 140mm deep / long.
I saw your post this morning and I've been spending the whole day trying to figure out my response. [[SPOILER]] I don't think any of what I've just type is helpful in any meaningful way, and I don't have any answers for you, but if you feel you ever need to let off some steam or just type up a bunch of profanities at me, please do not hesitate to PM me. You do not need to suffer alone.
Where did you read that PSUs that fit are hard to find? Dell has been using non-proprietary, ATX spec cases, motherboards, and other main components for years. First Google / Bing search result: Thread starter installed an Antec Neo ECO 620 in his Inspiron 620 MT. There are pictures starting on the second page. He even transferred the mobo and drives to a new Cooler Master case, though that...
Well, the fact that both my pairs sounded equally poor must mean I'm a lucky guy. I should have played the last round of Powerball!
I thought the Dasetn PK2s were pretty poor, so if they do utilize genuine drivers, either I had two crappy pairs, the real deal is nothing special, or perhaps both.
I call shenanigans!I'm glad it makes sense to somebody. OK, the "they" here is just that Phile-web "review." The "reviewer," Atsushi Yamamoto, isn't going to say anything bad about the product when he has somebody from Sony breathing down his neck. He claims it improves signal-to-noise ratio, but I'm highly skeptical that the difference can even heard (though he thinks he can).Also, can somebody explain to me what that graph even showing? The x-axis is frequency, but...
The Dictator cometh!
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