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Thanks dusty, TopS, and tchek for the impressions. I'd really like a pair of each of these to review, but it looks like Sennheiser USA isn't carrying them. I'm really getting tired of having to import, and these new MXs are successors to a popular line of earphones which I'm sure doesn't cost much to produce. At least sell them on the company website for crying out loud!
I think you should also take a look at the Sennheiser PX95. I find them to be less dark than the PX100, but not as bright as the Koss KSC75. I think it's really a shame that the PX95s don't get much love.
"New" reviewer reporting in. The DX 160 iE has arrived! I hope I do. Thank you again for letting me try these out. I look forward to everybody's reviews.
Hi Head-Fi! Today I have a lightly used FiiO E7 USB DAC and headphone amplifier available for sale. The E7 is in excellent condition (still has original screen "protector") outside of some light scuff marks on the included silicone case. Comes with all accessories. Price includes First Class shipping within the US and PayPal fees. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, or if you'd like to combine multiple items for a discount. Thanks for looking!
I've noticed this as well. There seems to be a 100 character limit in thread titles, yet the form when starting a thread allows one to input a thread title greater than 100 characters. Seems like an easy fix: just limit character input in the thread title box to 100 characters.
Is this the ad in question? In addition to shrinking the page width, it also slows the page loading. Actually, even without that ad, I've noticed pages loading quite a bit slower as of late; with my netbook, a page sometimes takes up to ten seconds before becoming responsive with the latest Firefox and a clean install of Windows 7. Yes, I know we're talking about the almighty Atom, but even on a halfway decent computer, Head-Fi's pages load much slower than average.
Not sure if you decided to open up the FiiO or not, but here's a thread where somebody took apart the E7 and replaced the battery. Maybe send RoMee a PM to see how he took his apart.
I'm interested in these myself. I'd get a pair (of each) if they were available here in the US. If I do get them, I'll be sure to post impressions or a review in the Portable Headphone fourm. Also, welcome to Head-Fi!
I don't know if the 3DS has a volume limiter, but I've generally found the volume of my 3DS LL (XL) to be on the lower side. Some headphones like the PX95 are actually slightly lacking in volume. More sensitive IEMs may be a bit loud, but certainly not enough to go deaf (at least for several hours). Also, some games have volume control for music and voice inside their options menu, so that's also a way to decrease the maximum volume on a game-by-game basis.
I actually prefer the sound of the HD598 plugged straight into the Xonar DG (via the front panel) than when connected to a FiiO E7p. To my ears, the DG(X) has a crisper, clearer sound.Just my opinion, but I'd definitely get the headphones first (and use the E6 for extra bass boost if desired).
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