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That's a massive intercooler.
Making my econobox look a little nicer.
What do you use PalJoey?
The US of A. I would be surprised if you could find a grinder available online in only one country. I'm not trying to buy artisan coffee grinders made by Japanese craftsmen here.
Hey y'all, I'm looking for a new coffee grinder. I usually Aeropress and french press; almost polar opposites in terms of grind coarseness. I have a manual ceramic burr grinder which has served me very well, but I'm looking for more consistency in my french press and a finer grind for the Aeropress. Basically, what do you use? I was looking into Baratza grinders, but that's a lot of coin to drop on something that may only be slightly better than the cheapie 30 buck...
I really should take more photos. I'm a little rusty. Though there was another photographer there that practically shadowed me for nearly every shot I took, so I must be doing something right? I wish I could see what pictures he took.
Ha! Fair enough: Benromach 10 year. Really nice box and bottle, if I do say so myself. (hotlinked from some website)
Head-fi hurts my wallet in more ways than one...   I bought a Speyside today (my wallet!) thinking "this better be good!"   ...   I'm very impressed -- I've never experienced such aromas and flavors before. I've been dabbling in blended whiskeys and a single malt is just something else entirely. I'll probably pick up an inexpensive High West whiskey for when I want to drink and keep the Speyside for when I want to experience.   Thanks ya'll; it's like when I first...
I wonder if the "general public" likes it because it's flashy? It's hard to say. Yet, this chain of thought reminds me when I wrote a paper analyzing existentialism in "Pulp Fiction". If I bothered to read it now I would probably cringe a little. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 7/10 As a paint-by-numbers work designed by committee and directed by Mr. Lens Flare himself, I think that it's a good try. I'm hopeful for the next installation, but at the same time I have no...
New Posts  All Forums: