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C and C welcome! Did event photography for a local musician's group.
  Samsung Focus, pp with   (I really should use my DSLR... need to stop being so lazy)
I wouldn't draw such conclusions till you've tried making some yourself, with your favorite coffee beans, if you have the resources.
Yes, I made cold brew in my coffee press a during the summer. It is very good; very smooth. I usually make it extra strong and dilute it with water or milk.
So you're saying that the switch is flimsy because it has a light action? The fix is easy: Load up the case of your Schiit with lead slabsSolder in a switch with a heavy action???Profit! The reason why the switch is light is because the gear is (relatively) light. If the switch was any heavier, you'd move the component before toggling the switch.
Samsung Focus (phone)   FWIW, photography classes are a great way to help with that "there's nothing interesting to photograph here" problem; in that a teacher/professor/mentor will give you a topic to photograph using your own interpretation on a theme. They will (hypothetically) have access to more equipment, so if you wanted to do product photography you could learn to use the equipment before making a financial commitment. Also, in my experience, there is no better...
Sounds like some interference from a digital or radio source. Try unplugging or moving Wifi routers, cell phones, etc. and check if the sound goes away.   Less likely is that the USB port is suspect. You could try a different USB port and see if the sound goes away.   It may also be a timing issue on the computer end. Highly unlikely, since the design is probably an asynchronous design, but you could try using straight Direct Sound on Windows or whatever the default...
The Equalizer: 6/10   It is exactly what you'd expect from a Denzel Washington film. It's like Man on Fire, except less creative with the camerawork and less creative with the supporting cast. There is nothing in this movie that hasn't been seen before, but if you're in the mood for some formulaic ultra-violence, this movie is worth a watch.
 ...So why is a fully passive network "better" than an active filter? Theoretically, either can realize the same transfer function.
 Why can't you just click on the Share icon (the little arrow in the right hand corner of the picture frame) on the picture you want to share, and choose the size you want to share it at? It's not that much more additional effort. 
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