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Reservoir Dogs on Ice... I mean The Hateful 8: 7/10   It had it's moments, but not much more. I'm a big Tarantino fan (watched Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs many, many times) but I can't say this one took the cake for me.   It's a slow burner for sure, but it doesn't have the epic scale of classic slow burn Japanese films (which by modern movie pace would seem glacial), thus negating the purpose of the slow burn. There was tension there, but considering all of the...
That's a massive intercooler.
Making my econobox look a little nicer.
What do you use PalJoey?
The US of A. I would be surprised if you could find a grinder available online in only one country. I'm not trying to buy artisan coffee grinders made by Japanese craftsmen here.
Hey y'all, I'm looking for a new coffee grinder. I usually Aeropress and french press; almost polar opposites in terms of grind coarseness. I have a manual ceramic burr grinder which has served me very well, but I'm looking for more consistency in my french press and a finer grind for the Aeropress. Basically, what do you use? I was looking into Baratza grinders, but that's a lot of coin to drop on something that may only be slightly better than the cheapie 30 buck...
I really should take more photos. I'm a little rusty. Though there was another photographer there that practically shadowed me for nearly every shot I took, so I must be doing something right? I wish I could see what pictures he took.
Ha! Fair enough: Benromach 10 year. Really nice box and bottle, if I do say so myself. (hotlinked from some website)
Head-fi hurts my wallet in more ways than one...   I bought a Speyside today (my wallet!) thinking "this better be good!"   ...   I'm very impressed -- I've never experienced such aromas and flavors before. I've been dabbling in blended whiskeys and a single malt is just something else entirely. I'll probably pick up an inexpensive High West whiskey for when I want to drink and keep the Speyside for when I want to experience.   Thanks ya'll; it's like when I first...
New Posts  All Forums: