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Phillips Citiscape Uptown headphones, $59.99 at sale a day.
I am new to the Denon 2K's and just love them.  Came from a pair of Sony MDR's and Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's.  The Denon's so much better, they sound great and are just "fun".  I use a Galaxy Nexus and no amp and they sound spectacular.  I am looking at picking up the Fiio E18 when it becomes available.  The cans sound great unamped but I have always wanted an amp so.....  :-) -gl  
  I did get them for $319.00, I thought it was a good deal.  I have been listening to them for the past several hours and I just love them.  Such a nice luscious sound, they are everything that the HD 380 Pro's were not.  I was surprised at just how comfortable they are too.  Very happy, feel like I am hearing my music for the very first time again....  :-)
I ordered the D2000 from Amazon and they are supposed to be here today.  I am really anxious to try them out, I think they will be just what I want but if not I will just exchange them for the D600's.  Either way I win!  :-)
    Pink Floyd is definitely at the top of my play lists.  The more I read about the 5k's (and the 2k's) the more I think that they are the cans for me.  :-)
Thanks for the heads up on the 5000.  I am off to check out the link that you sent, at this point I the 2K's are at the top of my list, but if I can find a decent deal on the 5k's I would not hesitate to add those either.  :-   thanks -gl
  Thanks for the info, the Denon 2K's are at the top of my list.  I am anxious to get a pair but I appreciate the heads up about the for sale forum.  Hopefully a pair will pop up out there in short order.  :-)  In the interim I have printed out your list and will continue my quest to find someplace where I can audtion at least some of these.    Looking forward to hearing a few of these and most of all looking forward to get a pair of cans and just get back to listening....
OK, I deserved that.  I will try for more brevity in the future.  ;-) -gl
  OK, I have to admit I don't even know what a TL;DR line is, but once I find out I will certainly do so....  
Well, not sure if this post will fare any better but here goes.   I am in need of a new pair of cans.  Short version, I bought a pair of Senn HD 380 Pros and returned them after a few days.   Liked them mostly but they were lacking on the low end, and there were times that some vocals sounded downright strange/harsh.  Not a lot to listen to in my area, so far I have found the entire Grado line, the Shure SRH840's and the Beyer Dynamics DT880's.  I listened to several...
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