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TDK BA-200 on Amazon for $121.36, free shipping with Prime
I have two pairs of over the ear cans, the Denon D-2000 and hte Shure 840 PRO (use for audio mixing and mastering).  I love the sound of both but tend to grab the Denon's when listening for fun.   The problem is that both of these sets take a lot of room when traveling so I wanted to get a pair of IEM's, hopefully something comfortable that can match the sound of the Denon's.   To that end I ordered a pair of Denon AH-C300 IEM's.   They are HUGE, which would be ok...
I want to get a portable amp/DAC for the two devices above (actually I also have a Alienware M17X but I am pretty sure that it will work with most anything).   I have been lurking around these forums for several months and am aware that the Nexus (phone anyway) has issues with outputting a digital stream across the USB.  I know there have been a couple of Android upgrades and some reports of the S2/S3 working after going to certain version of Jelly Bean and/or mod roms....
My phone just got the update to Jelly Bean so now I am wondering, are there any amps that will work with my phone and digital out?  My understanding is that Jelly Bean has the needed drivers and the digital out enabled, but it depends on the device.  Is that so?  Are there any amp/dacs that will work with my phone?   I wish FiiO would get the E18 to market already.  :-) -gl
No, it is the E18.  It is the new upcoming Android dac/amp.  Since I have an Android phone this is at the top of my radar.   I was really hoping that its arrival on the market was imminent, I am hoping that someone might be able to jump in here and provide additional details.
 I have seen mention of it buried in other threads and I was just curious if I was imaging it?  Any ideas when it will be available?   I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and from what I have read the E18 sounds like the perfect portable for me (assuming I am not dreaming it).   -gl
Denon D2k's. 
  I know the feeling, I am still just giddy every time I reach for my new cans and drift off into audio bliss.  :-)   Congrats on the new phones.   :-) -gl
Phillips Citiscape Uptown headphones, $59.99 at sale a day.
I am new to the Denon 2K's and just love them.  Came from a pair of Sony MDR's and Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's.  The Denon's so much better, they sound great and are just "fun".  I use a Galaxy Nexus and no amp and they sound spectacular.  I am looking at picking up the Fiio E18 when it becomes available.  The cans sound great unamped but I have always wanted an amp so.....  :-) -gl  
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