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I currently have a pair of Shure SE215's that I like.  I don't often listen to IEM's and prefer my full size headphones, but there are times when they are not practical.  That is when I use the Shure's.   I ran across what I think is a pretty good deal on the Westone's but hesitated because I know nothing about them.  They seem like they have been around and the price drop might be because of a newer model in the works.  Or it might be that they don't sell very well.  Who...
I have a Creative E5 on the way for my Nexus 6, I hope it works.....    
Thanks for the recommendations and ideas everyone.  I decided to grab the creative e5 on MassDrop, it seems like it will fit the bill and the price was great.   -g
  The creative e5 is on MassDrop right now for $149.00.   If you act in the next day or two.....
I would like to stay around $100 if possible but would go more if needed.   Thanks! -g
I have a Nexus 6 on the way to which I would like to add a portable DAC/Amp or Amp.   I typically use either a pair of Shure IEM's or a set of Denon D5000's.  I would like to get one dac/amp to use that works with Android and is not to expensive.   Any recommendations?   Thanks! -g
Are these any good?   or should I look elsewhere?   Thanks! -g
I have a pair of Shure SE215's (clear) on which I would like to replace the cable.  The current cable seems very rigid and stiff, I was hoping to find something a little more pliant.  Any recommendations?   Thanks -g
Just picked up a set of the TDK BA-200 and could not be happier.  I love, they sound great and are really comfortable.   Back to listening....   :-)
TDK BA-200 on Amazon for $121.36, free shipping with Prime
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