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TD... I'm a rookie to all of this too.. It hink i'm going to give the Westone a shot too. Let us (me) know what you think when you get em! I'm a singer too...in about the same boat as you. E
Well...I really don't need to go budget. I'm thinking something with triple drivers... if that helps further. I'm trying to stay in the $700 or less range, but definitely custom molded. I'm a big beliver in buy good gear once instead of crap over and over.. E
Hey all... first post...need help! I am a gigging singer in a rock band and SERIOUSLY can't hear myself at practice or during gigs. We use a setup that has our main mix going to a board, out to a headhone amp..then to my ears. ...and it sounds like crap. (using crappy ovedr the ear headphones that sound like mud) I recently purchased a shure psm600 wireless system...minus earbuds... -here's where you all come in... Need something for crisp highs, decent...
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