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Yep, same here. I've been trying for the last week and haven't heard anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by |Fred Did you try to ask your retailer for an exchange ? I was told to contact Sleek directly by my retailer.
Yeah, their cables are really making me mad. Nice concept but if they can't pull it off, it doesn't matter. Mine came apart the first day I used them. I had to keep trying to shove the wire back into the splitter. The sound was intermittent for a while and has now totally gone out. I've tried contacting them about it multiple times but have yet to hear anything back from them. Their customer service is supposedly good but I have yet to experience that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kees They swivel freely and cause no noise or static at all. "FM" Cool. Looks like I found a new pair of phones to get!
I was doing some research on the SA6 phones and will probably buy them. The deal at SoundEarphones is pretty good. I do have a question. Hopefully my terminology isn't way off. It seems that the jacks at the end of the cables that go into the earpieces swivel so that you can wear the cables down or over the ear, correct? Are they allowed to freely swivel or do they lock into place? If they are allowed to freely swivel, does the swiveling cause any unwanted noise...
Quote: Originally Posted by tonyfiore75 You don't HAVE to wear them around your ears. They can just hang down if you wish. Aren't they angled to fit better with the cord over the ear? They sure look like it. I would think they would feel awkward wearing them with the cord down.
Thanks, I will look into those. I'm not opposed to spending more than $150 but I would like a decent jump in quality. The Sleek SA6's look nice but are they worth the step up in price over the ER6i or the RE2?
Hello, everyone. First post here. Last week, my ER6i's crapped the bed. The sound went out in the left ear. They lasted about a year and half so I guess I can't complain. I used them 6-8 hours a day during the week at a relatively quiet work environment plus at the gym so I probably got my money's worth from them. Still, they felt a little frail. I am now looking for some replacements. My primary concern after SQ is that I do not want cords over my ears. They...
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