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  I think the answer is just, yes 
I think all you need to get out of that statement is that he didn't like it lol, whatever the reason we're not sure, but bottom line is....he didn't like it due to some treble/highs reason 
Hahaha, it is a nice cable!  Plus it's purple man, that color is expensive 
  The Van Den Hul is nice, but seriously outclassed by an XLO Limited LE-4 COAX cable.  I'd recommend you certainly give it a try.
  Well I've a bit of unique situation, which was why I wasn't sure it would help in this situation.  Gain is just fine with the preamp and first pair of monoblocks.  That's not the issue, the first pair of monoblocks were made a driver amps (transformer coupled) so the 6uF output on the Preamp drives an input transformer (first stage) which in turn drives the second stage of transformer coupled monoblocks.  The second pair don't have an input stage (so little...
Not sure it is worth much, but I double amp my speaker amps.  Preamp out into 5 watt per channel mono blocks which is turn the speaker outs into RCAs and then plug those into another pair of monoblocks.  Works great.  It's called "supersoaking amplification" I'm sure there is a more technical term but that's the only one I'm aware of.  Buzzing could also be due to higher gain.  Each amp adds an extra gain stage to the mix so line level noise is louder.
  Looks great!  Might want to toe those speakers in a bit though to really lock the image in the center.
  Always wondered about those things, what were they like?  Can you describe how you're supposed to use them and how they actually worked?
Simon Cowell must be hitting the gym.....hard.
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