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  I'm still not sure inexpensive is a term that I'd place in the same sentence as exotic cars.  Sure, in context of full retail price, definitely cheaper, but juxtaposed with a brand new Honda Accord (ie a plebeian mode of transportation lol)....mmmmm not so inexpensive    Regardless, congrats on the purchase, I'm sure it is a good bit of fun around town.  
I dunno about you guys but I am still really wanting an AverageJoe vs Earsonics EM6 review.  So few reviews on that IEM but they are all glowing, would certainly like the maestro of customs to conduct a review
Wow, I'm going to say that's genuine.  So now you have a 911 (I believe that was the Porsche, can't quite remember though) and a Vanquish?  Is there an end to your spree?
  Wow, well I'll take your word for it haha, I guess I'll have to post mine at some point (Rolex Perpetual Date Just and vintage Omega Seamaster) just to make sure they pass the test lol!
OO OO let me join in as well MorbidToaster!!!    
It's not mine, but how can you tell?
Bought a new 300b based amplifier, only two watts per channel but man is it lush.  I can take some better pics if you guys are interested, internals, etc.      
Was never a huge fan of the kits, they are all out of spec parts that Audio Note has sold to this third part company at a cheaper price.  Don't sound bad by any means, but not nearly of the same quality as the "real" audio note.  That being said, they still retain the same sonic signature of the real stuff, seems like this has the same circuit as the Otto if you're familiar.  Really hard to tell with the three pictures they have on the site but class A, EL84 tubes in...
  Yeah he's a really good guy so he'll definitely let you know.  That's good to hear though, more midrange is always welcome IMO.  In any case I'm about as excited as I hope you are for when you receive them haha.
  A review would be spectacular!!  I've been wanting to hear a couple more impressions on this as I have the Aud-5x now.  The addition of a tweeter always makes me nervous, too much top end can be quite fatiguing and I really love the rich, thick, warm sound that I have right now.  I don't want to meddle with it by any means.  In other words, I don't want the IEM to turn into a studio monitor, I want it to play music in a fun and engaging way.  Anyway let us know what you...
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