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Hmmm interesting, thank you both again for your thoughts they are definitely helpful.  Once I drum up some cash I shall certainly look into purchasing some Earsonics, hopefully the EM6 but we shall see.  
Shot of the Lyr is definitely my favorite of the bunch, looks very sultry with those glowing tubes swaddled in aluminum. Great job!!
  Sounds very akin to what I was looking for / anticipating in this phone given the SM3.  Dark and heavy is certainly where I like to be for whatever reason.  So it dips from 8-12 and then highlights the region above?  Sounds a bit strange or disjointed as you described above.  From what I'm getting in your description it has a pronounced bass, lush but somewhat recessed mid within the context of the bass and highs?  I know you said it doesn't sound recessed but with the...
  Just teasing....I figure if we chat enough you'll invite me over for a test drive.  High hopes?
  I figured as much, but I think that could be said for most any manufacturer. They have a specific sound sig they like to stick to but as you move up the line there are different variations of that sig to a greater/lesser extent.  Earsonics tends not to stray too far from the mark however.  I had the SM3, which was fabulous, dark, rich, rolled off, lush.  The EM6 must be gobs more of the same signature, if you wouldn't care to elaborate (I'm assuming from your post...
  I'm still not sure inexpensive is a term that I'd place in the same sentence as exotic cars.  Sure, in context of full retail price, definitely cheaper, but juxtaposed with a brand new Honda Accord (ie a plebeian mode of transportation lol)....mmmmm not so inexpensive    Regardless, congrats on the purchase, I'm sure it is a good bit of fun around town.  
I dunno about you guys but I am still really wanting an AverageJoe vs Earsonics EM6 review.  So few reviews on that IEM but they are all glowing, would certainly like the maestro of customs to conduct a review
Wow, I'm going to say that's genuine.  So now you have a 911 (I believe that was the Porsche, can't quite remember though) and a Vanquish?  Is there an end to your spree?
  Wow, well I'll take your word for it haha, I guess I'll have to post mine at some point (Rolex Perpetual Date Just and vintage Omega Seamaster) just to make sure they pass the test lol!
OO OO let me join in as well MorbidToaster!!!    
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