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Hey I was wondering if anyone had heard the Darkvoice 337 with any of the grado line up. Specifically the RS-2 up to the GS-1000. I realize that the Cans are very sensitive and with the DV being so powerful just wanted to know how this pairing worked out. Thanks for your input! colin
Darkvoice 337 just arrived! Finally some power for my starved AKG 701's
its all about G. Love & Special Sauce-Superhero Brother. Sounds great in flac to.
Les Garten-The Zero cannot run all three HDAM's together but since I am only exchanging one op amp for the HDAM in the headphone section it should be able to power it fine.
Ok I tried the HDAM in the left section of the heaphone amp in the zero. I just got fizzing from the section on my headphones and the red light behind the HDAM on the headphone amp section flashed along with the green lights in the HDAM. The flashed from the two closest to the two farthest in pairs and the red light would flash as each pair lit up. On the headphones it sounded like a car's turn signal. So I guess this means the HDAM is the problem??
Well which one would you suggest, taking into account that the HDAM might just be incompatible? If i order another the same problem might occur and I would be back at square one. Is it possible that moon or earth would have any different compatability issues and I should switch it for one of those instead??
I have tried all of your suggestions. I replaced the opa with the burr brown adapter and got perfect sound through both channels so I know that it is the Sun unit. I put the sun in place and jiggled it around a bit without any success. The zero was already connected to my hi fi system instead of just headphones so thats how the channel drop out was originally found. Is there any way to test if its the zero instead of the HDAM? I mean the zero works fine with the burr...
I just purchased an OPA Sun V2 from audio gd. Shipping was quick, unit sounded great throughout the burning in period. I noticed last night, about fifty hours in, that the left channel had a huge amount of distortion. This increased over the course of an hour and I decided to let the unit burn in over night. This morning I have no sound at all coming from that channel. What happened? Is there anything I should do or should I just ask audio gd to take it back in...
so far yes I have tried each of your suggestions without any success. not sure about the wave though, if you could tell me how to find that I'll give it a try. i really appreciate all the help though.
I tried that as well and the windows volume was as loud as it can go, foobar was also set to the max.
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