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So as seen in my signature I'm currently running a slightly modified Zero dac to my DV337. There has got to be a better DAC out there to compliment my DV. I am willing, and really leaning towards, the Audio GD DAC 19MK3. Is there anything else in that price range that can compete with the Audio GD DAC? Maybe the cambridge audio dacmagic? Thanks for the input, colin
Well I guess the first question I would ask is what source your using (headphone jack out) to feed the signal to the other amp. For example, if your source signal is a integrated low end reciever that your hoping to upgrade the sound quality of by passing the signal to a higher end amp I would say the process is not worth your while. Your end result is limited by your source, a poor source can only sound so much "better" when piped through higher end gear. Double amping...
A zero dac has an optical input and rca out. It a relatively inexpensive amp and dac, having both an optical and coaxial in. you can start at the base model, ~100 and then work your way up via different op amps then hdams, and opamps in the heaphone output.
where would i find these generic windows audio drivers? will they still output in 24/96 via the optical out? Thanks for the input though I really appreciate it. colin
I recently got a 64 bit computer and tried to reinstall the driver for my USB Transit from M-Audio. Its the 64 bit driver they now have, and everything in the install works fine. As soon as I connect the transit though the comp recognizes everything except for the device. So it appears in the playback devices as transit but it has no volume or capability to input or output anything. Anybody know whats happening here???? Help would be greatly appreciated as I can't...
no you need a very power amp, coupled with a dedicated source component. ie a dac of some sort and a headphone amp like a DV 337. They are hard to drive and a lot of people struggle building a system around them because of their intolerance of low end components.
I am considering a new DAC to replace my Zero that has been upgraded, as seen in my sig. The new DAC is a Msb link iii & p1000 with the full nelson modification. I have seen pictures etc and the units are in very good condition. He just needs to get rid of some extra gear. My question is, has anybody got any experice with the DAC and will it be worth the upgrade over my ZERO? The other DAC I'm considering at this price point is the Audio GD DAC 200 so its really...
I have a pair of K701's that I love the sound signature of. A little while ago I was in a similar position to yours, had the zero dac and woo audio 3 with a diy gain stage based off a TPA op amp. The best thing I ever did for my headphones was to buy a Darkvoice 337. The dynamic change in my headphones was amazing. Not to mention power to the nth degree at my fingertips. The Darkvoice brought out everything in my dac, not to say that it's a superior dac in anyway, its...
Would have to be my AKG701's over my Senn 650's. Sorry Senn guys I just gotta have my AKG's.
Well I guess that pretty much covers the Grados then. I'm currently using the AKG 701's, which sound great, but was looking for something else that the amp pairs well with. Any ideas? Other than Skylab's JVC DX1000's which are just entirely to expensive. haha I would love a pair but can't spend $1000 on headphones as a college student. thanks again for the input colin
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