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I don't know if anybody else had these problems with the HDAM units, but I guess its just another quirk with the DAC. They lasted, and sounded great, for about 10 hours and then the right channel would develop a huge amount of distortion. I could change to all different op amps and never had the same problem. It only occurred with the HDAM's. Same thing happened in the headamp section. Beats me....
Hey Skylab I was looking at your pick of the DV, noticed that you said you had a little bit of tube cage "rash" when you got it, did you cover it up with those wooden rectangles? They look quite classy actually, did you make them yourself or purchase them somewhere?
Sorry I can't help with this one, but I can offer my opinion on why I have not taken the plunge yet. For me, once my system is perfect and there is no reason for me to spend any considerable bit of money on an equipment upgrade there is really no point to perform a cable swap. Sure it will benefit the phones sound, I do not disagree there, but looking hollistically at everything that can be upgraded in a system, equipment seems to be a much better choice. For example I...
The K701's are more a headphone for which you build the system around, being a little less tolorant of low end sources. I can attest to this as they do not really put up with me zero dac as I plugged them into an Audio GD mk19 dac and they sounded worlds better. Again though they require a lot of amplification and as priest said they do what do they well better than the hd 650. This being an ultimate in referance listening. Everything is very articulate and not over...
So I have the option of purchasing a set of AKG340's with the modded grill or upgrading my dac to an audiogd DAC-19MK3. My current rig is in my signature. What do you think, would a new flavor of headphone appease my audiophile needs or should I wait on those for when I have the proper source. I can only purchase one and I guess my thinking was that the DAC is always there while the headphones are a little harder to locate. Thanks for the input, colin
nice thanks lol. any suggestions though?? I'm just trying to upgrade to something dac wise in the 500 dollar range to fit the darkvoice.
i made sure i wasnt in the pic with the dac this time spareribs, sorry bout it. try this one though, hopefully my ineptitude with this picture won't prevail this time. DAC internal 002 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
it shows a picture when I look at the thread, I just pasted in the url right after my name. try this,
Quick question, below is the picture of the Chibi. I have a modded zero dac, as seen in sig, and I have the chance of purchasing a Scott Nixon Chibi that was further upgraded by Nixon himself after the orginal sale. Will the Chibi be a substantial upgrade over the zero? Still don't know if the Chibi is 24 bit capable though..... thanks colin
I'm telling you the Darkvoice 337 is the way to go. I have heard a lot of these solid state amps with the k701/2 and the full flavor of the phones is really brought out by a powerful set of tubes.....the darkvoice 337. Plus it works great as a passive preamp, just plug that bad boy right into your amp for your speakers.
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