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  Well you've got a nice selection there to choose from, you're quite fortunate in that respect.  I'd nix the Zus from that group however, not really sure where all the hype is with those.  Gave them a few chances at some shows and demo'd a pair in my own house and just really couldn't get on with them.  They are so very bright and thin, just not my cup of tea.  The Devores are quite nice, though I'd throw in ProAc if you're looking at them....not nearly as efficient...
Hahaha touché
Really should be fine if your speakers are that efficient, it's all about moving air. The more air you can move or is perceived to move by the listener the more realistic music will sound. What speakers/amplifier were you looking into?
  Yeah I don't have any problem with it at all.  My speakers are huge, 15'' woofers and horns for the midrange/high frequencies, about 8 cubic feet of space inside the cabinets.  So their efficiency coupled with the amount of air they can move and the gain produced by double amping, they will get much louder than you'll ever need haha.  Room is about 12' x 14'.  
  Only puts out about 3 watts, but it is driven by the amplifier above it which puts out about 5 watts.  Although that doesn't increase the wattage it increases the gain of the signal, my speakers are around 100db efficient thought so it's not really a problem.  
My allegations were really based on the inception of the kit company, where the parts were all over the place ranging in quality and specs.  They had a very tough few years out of the gate with a good bit of criticism, as it seemed like they were selling Audio Note rejects instead of passable quality parts. But it seems now that it has developed enough of a following and customer base that their level of quality and service has greatly outpaced what it once was.  It was...
  Are those THREE stacked subs...right next to your head??  
  Haven't heard of those, the output caps in the 337 are huge though, 6mf or something like that if I remember correctly.  So it is hard to find something that will work and will fit in the chassis.  
That's quite a collection of oil caps you've got there!  I retrofitted my DAC with two paper and oil Western caps (can style) from the 40s gotta love that vintage sound. You should try some Aerovox V161 caps in place of those spragues, my fav sound from the vintage styles.    
  Are you using vintage sprague black beauty capacitors?  I like 
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