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Racks?  You guys are talking equipment shelves , this is what a rack looks like (also free if you can find an old decommissioned theater).          
    I always attributed the sibilance in this headphone to its intrinsically bright and treble tuned nature.  Yeah it does have a hard hitting bass, but the highs are just as pronounced - each overshadowing the midrange.  Either way I was never happy with mine either (for the brief time I had them), just too bright.  
  It will certainly work in your jacket pocket, but it will get a tad hot.  Certainly won't burn you by any means but you'll feel a little extra warmth.  I'd just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't overheat, but you really should be fine.  It was designed to run at this temperature (class A so naturally there is a lot of energy lost through heat).
There is, if you can find a battery small enough to still fit in the enclosure.  That is the reason it doesn't last very long, the current batter is the highest capacity for its size.  If you can find another that fits and can offer some more run time please let us know.
Hey rrosen, glad to hear that you're enjoying the 7x that much more than  the 5x!!  Mitch will certainly figure out the fit of that I'm sure lol he's a really good guy.  Anyway, quick question for you.  Did you find that the 7x was any more or less bright than the 5x?  I like the rich, warm, smooth character of the 5x but would certainly like more midrange, but don't want to add any brightness to the sound.  
  They are made to order, so you can pick the level of output transformer on I believe the 2.1 and up.  Standard grade I/E core, High Quality grade I/E core, and then the C core; from there it's just up to whichever circuit you have behind them to extract their best performance.
    Yep, I'll agree with sphnxvc here.  El Doug said earlier that if " you've heard one, you've heard em all."  Their money is in the build quality, which in a lot of ways is unsurpassed.  But they do all sound particularly "Woo."  To me that's very thin, spacious, detailed, and bright...regardless of the tube compliment.  The WA5 lacks weight and midrage plushness, though it looks great on the coffee table.  By no means did it sound like I paid ~5k for a single ended...
  I'd audition the Woo stuff for certain before a purchase if you can, seems like a lot of their money went into the aesthetics rather than the implementation.  The WA5, doesn't sound particularly 300b'ish in my opinion.  I sold mine in favor of UK's Audion brand.  Much better amplifier (maybe not aesthetically but depends on what your priorities are), especially in their 300b implementation.  Sounds like it should, silky smooth midrange, lush, emotional.  They have quite...
  Welp there isn't really an easy answer here unfortunately.  For equipment that is transformer coupled you could have the best internals backing up those output trannies and still have a terrible sound, if the outputs weren't made well.  The vast majority of the sound will be dictated by the quality of your output transformers, so really can't skimp there.  As to which could be sacrificed with the least amount of impact on the sound, honestly I'd go for the ones in the...
  Cabinetry grade plywood and about an inch of insulation all the way around on the inside is that is required, I used to rebuild their commercial ones for friends that bought different tweeters, new internal wiring etc.  Not that exciting inside.  I personally used marine grade plywood, voidless and very dense, for my own speakers.  You can just use regular old fiberglass insulation, or they have "special" audio insulation, all sounds the same to me though.  However,...
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