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Hey Sceleratus,    Any reason why you went with Crestron over RTI?  I find that Crestron is very hard to program/not user friendly.  RTI can all be done by the user instead of having to hire someone to program everything.
  New Mono amplifier, well "new" as in I just purchased it. Was new around 1940.
Changed my system a bit, thought I'd post a few pictures in the thread for you guys.                Speakers, Altec 32b horn with 802b Altec driver and Jensen p15ll 15'' woofer.   Equipment, Sonos -> Synthesis Matrix 24 bit up sampling dual mono tube DAC -> Magic Box (silver rack-mount box) -> Preamp 6SN7 based custom -> Western Electric 45 amp with 144 A output trans from WE D-95129 amplifier phase splitting done by interstage transformer, also has input...
Too many tubes lol, got four in the DAC, 6 in the preamp, 4 in each monoblock booster amp that end up feeding the monoblock amps that go to my speakers, each with three tubes.  I'm tubed all the way! So what's that, 24 total?  Nah, never too many 
Looks like he's got some hovland musicaps in there, my favorite modern cap.  Nice warm full sound.  You could really go for a vintage tube sound and get some Aerovox V-161 caps in place of those.  Or a vintage paper and wax type, that would make for a juicy warm sound.
A new poster for the listening area.....  
  I just went to my local shop that cuts stone for counter tops, walked in, threw the guy a hundred bucks and picked a few large pieces of scrap out of the back.  They are only scrap because they've been deemed too small for counter tops, otherwise they have been sanded and finished just the same as everything else.  He cut them all to my specifications right on the spot (not that hard as they were all the same size square).  If you deal with the front offices at these...
I had one of those for quite some time before my current rack, really did enjoy it and it is a very well made rack that can be had at affordable prices. 
  I'm getting a real strong Deja Vu feeling from seeing your gear ;)  Monoblock 45 amps with arcrosound transformers. 6SN7 preamp with russian paper and oil 6mf output caps, looks like you also have an earlier stereo Pavel push pull 300b...nice setup.  I've the same preamp but a rackmount version.  Once I get my room in order, just moved so still setting up, I'll post a pic for comparison.  
  LOL, got a real good laugh out of that one.  You must have a hell of a beautiful head! 
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