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Honestly, and I'm well aware that this is not the best way to go about it, I've never really paid any heed to the technical requirements.  Just plug em in and slowly turn up the volume.  The STAX I'm seriously doubting will work but I drove HD650, LCD-2, AKG K701, K340, Denon AHD700, and quite a few more off my speaker amp.  They are all mono blocks, but for comparison mine go from 5 watts, 10 watts, and 30.  All tubed.  Never had any issues.  The Denons exhibited some...
  The box was a little tricky now that I think about it.  I think the real question is...have you ever had a hyperbole?  
Oh man, Batman Returns!  I mean someone had to say it 
It's no different from the expensive wine in a different bottle argument.  Taking a $2 bottle of wine and pouring it in a bottle that cost $1000, doesn't make it taste any better...unless the $1000 wine is still in there lol.   Anyway....MAS PICTURES!!!!
Almost all of my listening is piped out of a Sonos via COAX from Rhapsody or MOG at about 320kps.  Sounds fine to me.  
Wow those two pieces of equipment aesthetically compliment each other a lot more than I was expecting, nice rig!  Pic of the speakers?  Or we can wait till you've got them permanently settled for the full visual effect...
I've always been a fan of stranded tinned copper wire.  "Tinning" the wire increases its conductivity and improves durability, nice warm sound as well.  Supra cables are manufactured this way.
  Have those can's always had a bit of treble harshness in your opinion?  I auditioned the Rev 1 (have heard the Rev 2 but on Woo gear, not my own) with my system but found them to be very natural, more akin to a HD650 on steroids, smooth, 3D, rich, organic.  I'm all tubes, DAC through amp though.  Just wondering if most people thought they had a bit of a treble spike to them.  Congrats on the UCLA attendance btw, almost went to Berkeley but the tuition was out of this...
You mean optical IN?  By definition the a DAC must have analogue out and digital in.
Good stuff, the Japanese pressing is very nice.  I'll try not to derail this thread too much but here's what I've learned through many vinyl collection years.  The country of origin generally has more to do with the vinyl itself than it does the actual sound quality or mastering of the record.  UK vinyl is very nice but can be soft sounding, german is also top notch with very quiet vinyl, japanese has by far the best vinyl but most of their recordings suffer from off...
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