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I auditioned a Naim Dac with the Flat Cap power supply a year ago or so and it was your typical hifi fare.  Sparkling highs, slightly recessed miss and a fat bottom end, altogether it was a bit thin.  While a lot of these new DACs really excel in one area they have a hard time performing as a cohesive unit, and really that's the only way you'll get a richly layered performance, ie music.   I'd really give one of the older DACs I've mentioned a try and if you don't like...
  Well yeah, I'm sorry.  It isn't going to sound terrible by any means, but within the context of an external DAC there is a lot of improvement to be had.  
So if you don't want a DAC just 1/8'' jack out of the pc will carry your music out via a Y cable with analogue on the other end into your headphone amp.  It will work, sound will suffer though as compared to using a DAC.  Technically you are still using a DAC, as the music resides on the PC digitally, you are also using the PC to convert that into an analogue signal to send out to your amp.
Oh man that's really too bad.  Aside from that how do they compare to your other cans?
survey seemed fine, glad i could help. I was terribly confused with the giving software to friends for a few days questions or if i'm only using it for a few days.  if i give it to them i expect them to use it....forever...hence why i gave it to them.  I'm less concerned with how long they are using it for then i am when confronted with the question of wether i should have pirated it in the first place.  same with myself, who goes through the effort of finding the file...
and a knife?  is that used for "active component protection" while you're at work?
  Ahh I see, a while back I had a friend of mine (i'm no engineer as I think we've all realized by my last post ) build me something to that effect.  Looked like a headphone jack with a few sand resistors strapped to it.  I thought he had described its function as allowing both the amp and the heaphones to see their respective loads and dump the rest.  It's been a while tho, I'll see if I can grab a schematic from him this weekend if you're at all interested.  For all I...
    I'm working on it, do you like cream in your coffee?   
lmao ok ok picture time!  First picture gets a free hyperbole, and I'm not even exaggerating 
Look, you're getting more gear in your DAC...true.  But ultimately less sound.  Just because it has the best chips, tubes, new fangled technology does not mean it will sound any better, its all in the IMPLEMENTATION of that technology and I would argue that those you've picked are fairly weak in that area.  W4S is bright and harsh, Lites are ok, and the Monarchy is probably the best out of the options you've got.  They are all quite lean and bright though.  I'm not...
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