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      No, not in the context of IEMs at large, but juxtaposed with the SM3 I found that the EQ-5 was a skosh brighter.  More treble presence does not necessarily make it sonically brighter, it is the sound signature as a whole that I found brighter than that of the SM3 but not by a large margin.  Everyone hears a bit differently though, so take my opinions with a grain of salt.  
SM3 is very analogue sounding, smooth, warm, forward mids, rolled off highs, old school tone.  I was a big fan.  EQ5 is more of a modern HiFi sound IMO, brighter, faster, more in your face, very EQ'd, but less natural.  
Correct, it does not thunder to 20hz, those frequencies are amplified in solid state gear so that it seems to have such extension when the music itself does not.  The DAC has weight, which I believe all the reviews mention.  That's what counts, it does not amplify false frequencies it carries natural notes with weight. It smokes a Bel Canto 3.5...not sure how much solid state it gets. Feel free to PM with any questions you have.  
For the Meridian?  If there are different versions I'm not aware, but I could have sworn that there was only the one; Meridian 563.
Synthesis Matrix (I've been telling people this for a while but no one has taken the bait yet) will blow you away.  Best 3D, detailed and emotionally involving DAC I've heard under 10k.  Crushes the Bel Canto 3.5, Audio Note DAC 2, and with a cap change it is on par with the DAC 3.  But I would start with the Meridian 563, it is great taste of what you could enjoy if you were to spend $3,500 on a DAC.  Everything is there, detail, nice warm engaging sound, non fatiguing....
  Deja Vu Audio Ltd, McLean VA.
  47 laboratory, nice!  They make a great DAC as well.
  Haha, "alright" isn't an exactly glowing review though.  Yeah I mean if someone gave me that setup I'd be fine, but I'd never buy it.  Just wasn't satisfying enough I would get some serious ear fatigue after a couple hours of listening.  Had to really crank it in order to flesh everything out and make the sound richer and more encompassing.  Should work best at low volumes, should never have to crank it to get the best sound.  
Analytical contradicts the fun and colored aspects.  What's the rest of your system comprise of and we'll go from there, that way I have a sense of what sound you like based on what you have.
  She might be able to get it hanging from a necklace, problem solved!       Yeah it was at the Capitol Audio Fest a few months back, Woo Audio was there, borrowed an Audio Noted DAC 5 Signature from a friend of mine in another room (bit of an extreme comparison, but hey) and that really made the WES sing.  Their DAC plus WES was so bright and thin I couldn't stand the combination, figured if anything it had to be the source not the WES, guess I was right in the end but...
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