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Thought I'd share my most recent upgrade.  A new preamplifier with Western output transformers so that i'd be able to completely transformer couple my system from the preamp down. A neat feature is that I'm able to switch the preamp from transformer to cap out so that it will pair nicely with all amplifiers.  I purchased it over the Audio Note M8 and Shindo Petrus which I auditioned at the same time.  Please excuse the iPhone pictures as it was all I had at the moment.  If...
New preamp.  Custom made with vintage Langevin output transformers, uses Western 310a for line stage and 311b for phono stage.          
I work for Accenture as a lead on one of the teams in the COD (common origination and disbursement) project, IE, I handle all your student loans if you have any ;)
I would guess it's one of the Darkvoice products.  Very nice, I had a 337 (or is it 377?) way back when it first came out.  
Great stuff!!
Thought you guys might like a friend of mine's setup for his own desktop system.  No headphones yet, just nearfield.    
Hahaha no way!  We probably have the same one then as I've got a couple from there as well.  I'll be in and out of the shop all weekend so I might end up running into you....if we haven't already in the past 
 Hahaha thanks!!  Speaking of finding these things, I'll be driving to Canada within the next couple weeks to pick up a pair of Northern Electric (sister company to Western Electric for Canadian products) 4045c monoblocks from 1935.  Pre-war transformers are sublime, best materials.  If you're ever near Washington DC, or northern VA I can point you to the mecca of vintage audio stores, where my own passion was born.  
Hey tjkurita, I am on audiogon, however; it's been years since I've update that profile so the gear displayed there is quite old.  I appreciate the kind comments though!  My system may not be as aesthetically pleasing as most, but I've put a lot of time and money into building it with almost all vintage components.     gjc11028, the Sonos isn't the only source, but it is the most used source just do to convenience.  I also have a Thorens TD-124 for my vinyl which plays...
 Honestly grab anything from the golden age that has the right output transformer, an amp is only as good as that piece.  Eico hf-20, hf-50, hf-33, Acrosound anything with TO-300 or TO-330 output.  Lots of deals to be had there and they will outperform most any modern amp.  People are catching on though and the prices are quickly jumping up.  The TO-330 is a legendary output that you can craft a push pull 300b amp around, fabulous sound.  Deal of the century would be a...
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