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Im considering getting a mini3 because its within budget. Is the mini3 an upgrade when compared to the bithead in terms of amplification?
Thanks for the replies. I couldn't find a UE distributor locally. So I guess its either I go to singapore (probably jaben) to buy it or find a store that's willing to ship here. (The shures are starting to look very tempting, cause I see them being sold in the cd store that I usually go to) Been reading around and I guess I also have to get a desktop amp for the HD650. And I found someone locally who assembles and sells the mini^3 amp, and hopefully asssemble a...
Right now, I can only spend, nothing more than ~$450 for the IEM, roughly about the same for the amp, once I have the money again. Bigger problem for me is availability and shipping.
I've only owned the HD650 for only 3 days now, but comparing it with the 595..... I like it because I think it is more detailed and vocals wise, it's much more comfortable because the singer seems to be farther away as compared to the HD595 (don't know if this is due to the fact that my present amp can drive the HD595 easier). I also like that the cymbals/high-hat sounds crispier with the HD650. The atrio m5 is a good option, thanks (especially price wise, will read the...
I'm planning to get an IEM for my portable setup. Problem is it's very hard to find local distributors for most of the headphone/IEM brands so I can't audition them. I'm currently using these : PX100, HD595, HD650 (just the stock cable), Kramer modded JVC marshmallows via a total bithead amp. My sources are an ipod 5th gen and my laptop using FLAC files. I usually listen to japanese pop, rock and classical music. So basically I'm looking to buy a replacement for...
Tnx for the replies (just saw them now) I did some googling when I posted before. and did a ls -l /dev/audio* (which showed 2 audio devices audio0 and audio1) so I just redirected all output to /dev/audio1 in mplayer/vlc and it worked
The only thing that doesn't work for me right now is mplayer. I don't know how to get it to use the usb dac. But for everything else, including totem and foobar (running under wine), just change the settings for it to use the usb audio device
The total bithead usb dac works in ubuntu and xubuntu hardy heron
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