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2nd major incident for the MOT. $600 worth of goods..... and 60 days is already a long period. I hope the mods do something about this.
Nice combo price for the C2C
I voted for churros. Just ignore her.
Quick question, is the exstata designed to take in single ended or balanced inputs?
@OP - I feel your pain. Gotta cure myself of this stax fever
Subscribed Looking forward to impressions of the tube version
Quote: Originally Posted by applaudio Oh... I don't get it. It just means that the kid can do without the book while on the bus on the way home
maybe aty999 has already forgotten about this thread
Easy answer : HD25-1 II. Its not your typical laid back senn, almost impossible to destroy
@OP - just go for ALAC since it will be more convenient for you
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