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@OP - from your post it sounds like you haven't auditioned the staxes. I suggest you do. I myself have been blown away with the electrostatic sound signature. You can always try the vintage models first to see if you like them. Btw, if you go for one of the staxen, its automatically a "balanced" setup.
I've always liked the sound of the HD650 from a SS amp. I've heard the HD650 at its best from a beta22. Try to audition the audio gd c-2c, it's very reasonably priced.
Too bad this doesn't have a charging circuit for the battery
What do you guys use to hold the case about to be drilled in place?
Bought a stax headphone from David. It was actually one of my fastest transactions here in head-fi. It was hassle free and he accomodated my request to use my favorite courier to bring the item into my country. Thanks again. Highly recommended.
Amazing. the ksc75 is resilient indeed
Quote: Originally Posted by runeight It will be either boards or kits or both. Best news for today
Is the exstata going to be made available as kits?
2nd major incident for the MOT. $600 worth of goods..... and 60 days is already a long period. I hope the mods do something about this.
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