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Yes you are correct. Foobar is a very versatile player, it has other features, replaygain tagging for your files, can be used for abx etc. Haven't tried the software you posted
foobar2k is just one program. Lame serves as a codec.
ooops sorry I meant foobar2k and lame. Foobar is a player, which can use lame to convert flac files to mp3.
Wow that was a very informative read. Thank you
Download rockbox and lame
I also sold my RS-1 and kept my sennheisers. So i say sell it if you don't like it.
I also got a HD595 before the HD650. I immediately sold the HD595 when I heard the HD650. But you definitely need to give the HD650 an amp
I've only had very recent experience with the staxen, and they've basically replaced my dynamic rig
EAC + LAME is also the best combo for me. I run it under WINE in linux
Awesome Looking forward to the first issue
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