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Yup lets wait for internal pics to see what makes this one 300USD more expensive than the MKVI+
Amp first of course
YUI - Never Say Die
I also like my er4s and have found that a good seal does bring out the bass a bit.
Very interesting thread. I hope this just isn't marketing
Thanks for the replies. I actually have an old 4GB clip. I saw a local reseller for the clip+ thats why I got curious. Quote: Originally Posted by jant71 More battery life and Rockbox porting is ahead of Clip+ for now. Yeah for rockbox. I actually like rockbox very much, that I've never upgraded from a 5th gen ipod. Quote: Originally Posted by kostalex Better battery, bigger screen, dock availability and probably a tiny bit...
Now that the clip+ has an expandable memory slot, is there still an advantage in getting a fuze over this if I only plan to use it for music files?
set your router to block, then attend head-fi anonymous while you're on withdrawal
Congrats on your new amp looking forward for your impressions
wow congrats
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