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The first stax I was able to audition was the 404, also in a meet. It was an ear-opening experience.
HD600 for you because you already like its sound signature. The K701/K702 is very different, and from your preferences, I would say this wouldn't suit you. When I had the K701, I only used it for classical music. This was my tendency because of its huge headstage. The K701 can sound bright with some recordings. The HD650 is really different, and as most have said, not neutral.
I also have my stax desktop setup at home. In the office, baby stax does it for me
Glad to see more people trying out linux. Im currently using rhythmbox and exaile with pulse audio
Thanks for the very nice and informative review. It does fill a niche and I'm sure a lot of people are curious as to how the DAC_1 sounds like.
Probably because its a newer product. Marketing.
This looks interesting
wrong forum
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