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I'm planning to make a XLR female to female adapter so I could try using the balanced outs on the DAC1 for my HD650/600. I'm just curious if there will be any sound changes. Since the balanced cable only uses 2 wires on each side, do I still need to attach a wire on pin 1 on the adapter?
Thanks for the pics.
Would anyone know the max voltage that the SRM-001 will tolerate (without burning up) from a DC adaptor? The case says its 4.5V. But I read some people are using their psp chargers (5V) to power up the SRM-001.
subscribing to this thread. Looking forward to your impressions
@OP - the K701 might not be for you, amped or unamped, it's sound signature is not for everyone
LOL I thought this was a new thread But it was a very good read
@OP - this was a very nice read.
Your puppy is very adorable
The E90 is the only thing that's holding me back from purchasing an ESP950. Everyone says it sucks. But unfortunately its part of the package and I know I might feel bad for spending money on an amp that I would probably not use. Though it has been reported that the koss improves when paired with a stax amp, I was wondering, wouldn't be the koss be underbiased since it needs 620V?
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