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It's a good decision to downgrade for your education. Skip the headband and the wooden cups and just get a dac/amp combo. Good luck
I have the clip and I don't really like the navigation menu. The rockbox option on the V1 fuze is really a bonus
Either give your ears a few days rest or audition a stax setup
As Duckman said, stats will give you amazing detail and clarity and excellent instrument separation. But you also said that you want "bass with texture and presence", well I only have a lambda pro driven by a SRM-1 MKII, and from my limited stat experience I would say you'd have a problem here. Bass is present in sufficient quantity and quality, however the texture and presence is really not the same coming from a dynamic headphone (my reference would be the HD650 and...
Compatible cables : Sennheiser HD 650/600/580, HD25-1 II, HD250-II Linear There are probably other models but these are the ones that I own (except the 580) and I'm sure the cables are interchangeable HTH
Get a benchmark or the lavry now and get the separate amp later
Get a DAC
hmmmm that is problematic
I love the baby stax I hope the replacement would be more comfortable
That is indeed a nice cable, but I'm still trying to fix the hole that my last purchase bestowed upon my wallet that's why I'm just going for the DIY route
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