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Wow this is great, reviews using these tracks would be easier to relate to
Benchmark DAC1 has variable line out via the xlr outs Haven't heard the HD800 on it, but I just made a female to female xlr cable so I can listen to my HD650 balanced till I can afford to buy a balanced amp @OP - Might be worth auditioning with the HD800.
Just a few months, then sold them
Fugly car LOL ----- That mall probably stinks right now
The "best" amp that I've auditioned for the K701 was a beta22
Add TTVJ to the list Answered all my emails and shipped my item using my desired courier And glassjaraudio very accomodating and answers emails quickly too
I thinks there's lots of love for a few koss headphones here. Read a few threads here that led to a purchase of a portapro
Good luck, I sure hope you get a V1 fuze
You're probably not going crazy
You just need a group of people who will take turns waking you up when you doze off.
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