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I think it was one of the versions of ipod widgets. I'm using this one now ....
A very refreshing review, two thumbs up :)   But I wonder how's the isolation and ice cube separation on the cream soda?
I hope they do improve the graphics. Currently, I like the DS games more than what the PSP currently offer. So this will be a no brainer purchase for me especially if a Zelda game is released for this one
Just make sure you place the jumpers on the -10dB or -20dB switches on the benchmark to avoid overpowering them. I've been using them in this way for a while now. No damage so far
You can run the HD650 balanced out of the benchmark XLR outs. A good in-between system while saving up for a separate headphone amp
Well at least the replaceable cable is a step in the right direction
I would also return if I were in your place and ask them to pay for shipping bothways.
A full frame camera is indeed nice, but considering its costs, it might not be practical especially if you are starting your family now. A (used) D80 or D200 might be all that you need plus a prime lens of your choice the 50mm (1.8 or 1.4), and an all rounder (18-200mm VR is very versatile but not very sharp), and don't forget to get a flash (SB-600 or SB-800 will do). I'd suggest you get one that is IR remote capable (like the D80) plus a tripod so you can include...
I'm using ubuntu karmic and mpd is my player of choice. I've configured it to directly access the optical out of my laptop, bypassing the pulse audio mixer.
You probably won't need an amp for the HD595 especially if you get the 50 ohm version. There are some not so expensive desktop dac/amp combos (just search for their threads) which you can pair with an HD600 or 650, if you really like the sennheiser house sound Good luck
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