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I've been using a Fiio X5 first gen for a year now, and until a few days ago I was using some cheaper Sony earphones. Just a few days ago I decided to finally get some decent earphones again and bought a pair of Shure SE3315's. I'm using the yellow foam tips as they seem to be the best. The triple flanges always had an airiness to mids I couldn't get rid of, the yellow foam tips have no issue with the mids. Anyway, I listen to rock and metal ranging from Paul Simon to...
Thanks!Blazin' Tap Tap Tappity 2 You
All right so my brothers mom is asking for suggestions for decent headphones for him sub $100 USD. My brother listens to some rock, some metal, rap, dubstep, he's a teen so whatever is popular, and also bass is the most important quality. I've asked his mother if she is looking for headphones or earphones, still waiting on a reply. Since I'm not a bass head and search on Tapatalk yielded zero results, I felt I should post a thread. So what are some decent bass headphones...
Thanks for the info, I did not know most of that.The same sound is so I can tweak the sound even with headphones on. I don't want to tweak for headphones I want to tweak for playing without them. And sometimes it sounds great without headphones and becomes a muddled flat tone of nothing anyone wants to hear with headphones on.Blazin' tappity tap tap 2 you!
I need some headphones to use on my practice amp while playing at night and in my hotel. I play metal, drop and lower tunings mostly but I also play some clean stuff. I'm using a Peavey Vypyr 30. Currently I'm using my SR80's but there's a good difference in sound with the headphones compared to playing it without the headphones. So I'm looking to find some headphones that will either not have a sound difference or not have such a drastic change in sound. I'm not worried...
I gotta say, I listened to a lot of the headphones at Best Buy and the Souls are much better than the Beats. I was listening to Tom Sawyer by Rush and during a drum roll Neal does I could actually distinguish every hit of the drums whereas I could not with the Beats. But they still have that muddy bass. Sent from my jailbroken iPhone with Tapatalk
Ended up with the HD219' instead, quite happy with them thus far, reminds me why I loved Senn years ago. Sent from my jailbroken iPhone with Tapatalk
Think I'm gonna go with the HD-239's, thanks for the help guys. Sent from my jailbroken iPhone with Tapatalk
Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2Oh, and to seriously find a pair of headphones, IEMs have been my market, I know next to nothing about headphones.
Ha ha, no, it will be down to just the Kindle Fire and iPhone soon. I was trying to decide which mobile platform I liked best.Sent from my jailbroken iPhone with Tapatalk
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