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This thing barely qualifies as a portable.  It's huge, and it has a 5 hour charge time and 7 hour run time.  Ouch!
Should be fine.  I'm running ES10s now and they're magnificent.  The dev claimed he tried his 300ohm can and got decent volume ( probably shitty dynamics though)..
So I just got my ES10s today, a complement to my ESW9s, but more for rock.   Wow, that was no joke about the deep and punchy bass.  It just kicks my ears coming out of my tube amp.     Mids are definitely more recessed compared to my woodies, but it's still very liquid smooth.     Highs are definitely rolled off; good detail but definitely restricted and without much sizzle--hopefully they'll open up with a few hundred hours of burn in.  Soundstage and imaging sound...
Yeah this is a really terrible way of proceeding.  What kind of music do you listen to?  What headphones do you have and what have you liked about them?   Honestly, I can't really recommend you go either route here.  Maybe some cheaper phones that let you figure out the kind of sound you're looking before you drop serious cash?  Try some SR60s or SR80s first?  They don't sound as good as the RS-1, but they've got that unique Grado sound signature.  You could luck...
You'd be wrong.   Galaxy S packs a Wolfson 8994, 24-bit DAC, hardware parametric EQ, 100db SNR.  It is very clean sounding, one of the best I've heard from a portable player.  The only issue is that it's not very powerful, but that's not much of an issue with easy-to-drive cans (or if you use an amp).
Galaxy S has native FLAC support and blows away iPhone 4 in SQ.
Download the Galaxy S Tuner app as well.  You may not need it, but it gives you access to parametric EQ (fun to play with at the very least).
Get a Fascinate if you're  on Verizon.  I keep saying this:  the SGS line has exceptional audio hardware for a phone or even a dedicated MP3 player.  It beats the snot out of an iPhone or iPod.
Also, the SGS line has a fantastic DAC and very clean headphone amp.  If you're willing to flash some custom software, you can really get some fantastic sound out of it.
Yeah, the whole pad thing was just ridiculous.  $700 for headphones with scratchy uncomfortable pads that didn't sound right?  I went through the whole saga of flat pads, then flat pads with holes cut out, the sock pads that made you look like Princess Leia--all because Grado couldn't include some decent pads on its $700 premier reference headphone.     And then there's the patent absurdity of their headphone amps.   You put it in a wood box and charge how much?   Stuff...
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