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I preferred the Nova's DAC over the well acclaimed Electrocompaniet ECD-1, but it's been a while since I had them so I don't remember much of either DAC. 
As title stated, any one have impression of it? How does it compare to the current crops of DACs?
If you sit so near the speakers and don't have space for an amp, why not try for some powered studio monitors. I have the Adam A7s and Adam S3As and they're perfect for nearfield application as they''re designed to do so.
Just making sure, so my cable will be shipped out the first week of February (I paid on December 20)?
Just use  RCA splitters from ratshack and you're good to go! 
First of all, how was the frequency response of the speakers tested? This is important as the room that the speakers were tested at have a huge influence on the frequency response unless it is an anechoic chamber. If speakers aren't tested at an anechoic chamber, the placement of the speakers and sub (moving even an inch) will heavily influences the outcome of the frequency response. Moreover, how much were each speakers angled in? Did the reviewer try to optimize the FR...
I would like to preorder the 48" Twag v2 with the over mold and 3.5MM Switchcraft right angle plug IEM cable for my JH13. Since you said that the over mold version won't be available for another 8 weeks? What should I do?   Can I reserve one at the current price?
The Tron T1 looks very nice. I might have to get myself a pair!
OP, as I replied to you in another thread, the JH13 (if you're willing to spend that much) would definitely be the answer. You can look back at the SM3 appreciation thread for what I wrote.
One way to tailor your HD650 sound to your liking isn't by switching cable, dac or amp, but is by picking the right HD650 if you're going used. There are 2 versions of HD650: the older version with black silk baffle and the new version with the silver silk baffle. The older version has a very thick sound because of the lower midrange bump and hence clarity is somewhat masked by it. The new version sounds a lot more neutral, has better clarity and is a lot faster. No...
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