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SOLD to Myriad
I made my friend tried the Westone UM3X and after 30 seconds, he took it off and said, "You should get the Denon earphones."   My response: "Right."
So far, the best amp I've heard driving the JH13s is the GS1. I've tried the JH13s with the Protector, Shadow, Pico Slim, M^3 with S11 PSU, DNA Sonnet, Blue Circle SBH and MiniMax.
As a DAC, the Nova's really good IMO. I have not tried its other functionalities.
Anyone ever compare the DAC 3.1 with an Accuphase DAC?
This is one of the most sought aftered vintage DAC by Parasound and it competes with the modern offerings that cost much more. Just do a search on Head-fi.   Digital Input: 2 coaxial, 1 toslink, 1 AES/EBU Digital Output: 1 coaxial Analog Out: 1 Unbalanced RCA Analog Input: 1 Unbalanced RCA   Asking $350 + shipping
No need for introduction here. If you're looking, you know what the M^3 with the dedicated S11 PSU can do. This M^3 has a vented cover, 1 set of RCA input, and 1 set of preamp out. There is a knob for switch the gain of the M^3 between 2 and 6. The opamps used are OPA627s.   Note: The M^3 does not hiss with either the Westone ES3X (reported by previous owner) and the JH13 (what I used it for).   Asking for $420 shipped
You should give vintage DACs a chance such as the Parasound 1100HD. 
Are we gonna get a confirmation when our cables are shipped out?   I ordered a 48" Twag V2 OM with Switchcraft Right Angle plug back in December. 
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