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From my experience, the Paradisea is a little slow and sounds a bit congested during complex passages.
Bookcases are NOT great for breaking up standing waves. In order to diffuse effectively into the lowest frequencies, you need enough depth in your diffusors (books in this case). Moreover, stacking a bunch of books would be way too uniform not to mention that you simply have no way of knowing WHERE these waves would be deflected to. Moreover, the use of diffusion mostly depends on the size of your room.    Carpets absorb mostly high frequencies and does absolutely...
Spend all your money on the best headphone that you can get. The sound quality you'll gain from getting a better headphone will be much larger than if you get an amp or dac.
I'll second the GS1. I'm currently using it as a preamp for my studio monitors and as a headphone amp for my JH13.
Can you describe what you like or don't like about your DT990? 
What specific attributes are you looking for from your headphone? Is it a specific sound signature? Out of head soundstage? (Not gonna go too well with headphones)  
  You're correct. I didn't know about the stereolink in the back of the A3X.    
Answers to questions 2 - 4   2) Yes, the A3Xs are powered/active speakers which means you don't need an amp.    3) Yes, you can use the A3Xs with a receiver provided that your receiver has pre-outs. Since the A3Xs have independent volume control on each speaker, you need a preamp which is what the pre-out function basically is.   4) There's no need to match sub and speakers by brand. You can pair the A3Xs with any subwoofer. However, if you're planning to add...
Have we decided on the date yet?
I tested them with my JH13s. Out of all the amps (Millet MiniMax, Pico Slim, Blue Circle SBH, Peachtree Audio Nova, DNA Sonnett, Onkyo flagship receiver) that I've tested with it, the M^3 (bought used with gain switch of either 2 or 6) disappoints me the most in terms of bass. Simple as that.    As for universal IEMs, I prefer the UM3X over the SM3 because the SM3 has an exaggerated lower midrange that I simply couldn't get over.   
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