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I have both the M^3/S11(with OPA627s) and GS1 and to me, the GS1 sounds much cleaner, faster, more detailed, has a bigger soundstage, blacker background, and heck of a lot more transparent as the M^3 always has a veil over the music (others it warmth). The M^3 has more bass quantity but is sloppier.
You can angle the speakers up and aim the tweeters at your ears.
Hi Craig, did you receive my pm?
Did it have wings on it?   
I can definitely see why the bass would seem to have gone too far with the ECD1 it's a little north of neutral in the bass region which pairs quite well with the W5000 which is a bit bass light. Nevertheless, great review!
The Silver Dragon Cable is an aftermarket cable for IEMs.    Quoting JHAudio, "The Silver Dragon cable gives a broadband +3dB increase in input sensitivity, as measured by Jerry in the lab."   What can attributes to this broadband +3dB increase given that the cable length remains the same from stock?
I use a Y splitter for my rig and I don't hear any degradation in sound quality. There is a very slight volume decrease though.
I actually prefer the JH13s to most full sized headphones. To me, with the exception of the sheer size of soundstage, most full sized headphones don't even come close to it.
Have you heard tried any customs?
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