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Also, how does the NFB-10SE's USB compare to the DI in terms of sound?
The may not part does worry me. I understand that the gain can be lowered so volume adjustment shouldn't be much of a problem. 
Anyone knows if the NFB-10SE hisses with the JH13s?
Yes please. Check your PM!!!
Likewise, please check your PM Craig!    Thanks!
This GS1 does NOT have the stepped attenuator and it is in excellent condition. It's certainly one of the most transparent headphone amp I've heard.   It has: - a Hi/Lo gain switch - 2 RCA inputs - 1 loop out - 1 preamp out - 2 1/4 inch headphone out   For more information, you can visit headamp's website.   Asking $700 shipped 
That cannot be further from the truth from my experience with Electrocompaniet ECD-1, Parasound 1100HD(single ended version of 1600HD), Assemblage DAC3.1 Platinum Edition. 
Nope. The only opamp I've tried with the M^3/S11 is with the OPA627.  
It's right on JHAudio's website. 
It could be that M^3 and my JH13 don't play well together but I don't see why it wouldn't.   The DAC I used is Assemblage DAC3.1 Platinum Edition.
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