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If i recall, under the removable faceplates should be a marking with the model number, which will be easier to identify without a box. At least i'm pretty sure mine has W40 under it somewhere... i won't be able to check properly till i get home and take off the plate though.
Saw a guy wearing a pair of beats... while driving his car! Very much a WTF moment...   Also seeing quite a number of momentums and shure IEM's lately on my infrequent forays into the CBD.
@davidcotton the adaptor that tarkan sells on his site definitely works with 128gb sdxc cardz. Was what i was using in one of my minis.
I got one off ebay that worked. but for 100% compatibility google Tarkan adapter. He sells a bunch of ipod adapters and the SD to CF one he sells definitely works.
while i haven't tried a 256gb sdxc i have used a 128 and it worked perfectly with the stock firmware, however i found that the adapter didn't work well with rockbox, batterylife went from 20hours to 8 :(.   i then bought a Komputerbay 128gb CFcard which would only boot once out of every 5 times. Just watch out for that as there's at least one other person with a similar Komputerbay CFcard booting issue. i guess the only thing it had going for it was that it was almost...
 A few of these already exist, like . Never encountered them before though so i have no idea how they sound.
Quite a few sennheiser momentums at PAX Aus, and a pair of B&W p5's, i think, around a neck of one of the volunteer 'enforcers'.
Doesn't seem to be working with my 128gb card, formatted in exFAT. :( 
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