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 Thanks :) Very well, thanks Wokei. Yeah that's the one i was wearing at 1U. Pictures do not do it justice (and my terrible photo doesn't help either). Was just reading through this thread and your pics of the Zillas and G's, along with Moedawg's and Rick's breathtaking collections is making my wallet tremble in fear lol.
Oooh... A watch por..., I mean, Pic thread! My usually daily wear, and a wedding gift from the missus (wedding watch for guys is totally a thing): Apologies for the mobile phone picture...
If i recall, under the removable faceplates should be a marking with the model number, which will be easier to identify without a box. At least i'm pretty sure mine has W40 under it somewhere... i won't be able to check properly till i get home and take off the plate though.
Saw a guy wearing a pair of beats... while driving his car! Very much a WTF moment...   Also seeing quite a number of momentums and shure IEM's lately on my infrequent forays into the CBD.
@davidcotton the adaptor that tarkan sells on his site definitely works with 128gb sdxc cardz. Was what i was using in one of my minis.
I got one off ebay that worked. but for 100% compatibility google Tarkan adapter. He sells a bunch of ipod adapters and the SD to CF one he sells definitely works.
while i haven't tried a 256gb sdxc i have used a 128 and it worked perfectly with the stock firmware, however i found that the adapter didn't work well with rockbox, batterylife went from 20hours to 8 :(.   i then bought a Komputerbay 128gb CFcard which would only boot once out of every 5 times. Just watch out for that as there's at least one other person with a similar Komputerbay CFcard booting issue. i guess the only thing it had going for it was that it was almost...
 A few of these already exist, like . Never encountered them before though so i have no idea how they sound.
Quite a few sennheiser momentums at PAX Aus, and a pair of B&W p5's, i think, around a neck of one of the volunteer 'enforcers'.
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