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Double post
Got one of the sd to cf adaptors to put a 128GBP sd card into my mini cause cf cards are insanely expensive here in Aus, and not many places ship those here. Works fine capacity wise, but the transfer speed and battery life took a major hit. Dropped from about 20 hours to a bit over 6. And 15mb/s to 7. Looks like the adaptor is sucking way too much juice. Time to look for a cf card I reckon.
Please report on your findings... was thinking of buying a new DAP but tempted to remod my mini with a 128CF card. It currently has a pathetic 32GB... The Mrs has a modded 16GB which i'll filter down the 32GB card and i also have an SLR that can take the 16GB card as a spare... you know, there's probably an issue when an SLR camera gets the hand-me-downs from your audio hobby...
Mostly around Uni all i see is whatever buds/'in-ears' that come with mobiles. Though i have been seeing alot of the white an black cable BOSE.. did see someone on the train with Shure 530 which suprised me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Suntory_Times Well I think I would have probably knocked him out if he did any of that during exams. But you could always make him a goodbye cake and put a whole bundle of laxatives in it. Make sure you give it to him in a genuine way though (i've done this one before, good fun and an excellent revenge). if you do the laxatives in any form make sure you cling-wrap the top of the toilet. Doubt he will bother to look if...
Was hard but i've managed to pick 5 songs out of my swag of faves that i'd be happy to rock out to on repeat until my battery runs out: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Lynrd Skynrd - Freebird Cream - Layla (not the Clapton acoustic version) Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil
"Song 2" - Blur
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is an awesome band name, as is We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gunna Use It... My additions: We Are Scientists Super Furry Animals Machine Gun Fellatio
Sonata No. 8, First movement - Beethoven
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