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Getting measurements done at a much higher end studio like AIX Records makes a huge difference. I can't emphasize enough how big a difference in sound quality it makes. You can always measure your own home set up, but if you even remotely have a chance to get your PRIR measured at a really high end set up, just do it.
 If you want to play it safe, I'd say anything that drives the HE-6 well will be good enough, considering that the HE-1000 is more efficient than the HE-6.
One of the great benefits of the synergy between the SR-009 and HeadAmp BHSE, is that it seems to be less fatiguing to listen to for longer periods of time.  The HE-1000 is quite a bit more aggressive in dynamics.   The HE-1000 is by no means shrilly / sibilant prone with certain recordings.  
 Phasing effects soundstage and imaging mainly.  But mainly imaging is what I'm referring to.   I was responding mostly to a comment of the HE-1000's being possibly out of phase, which is not the case in the ones I've heard.
 Yes, I heard the CES prototype.  Too much time has passed for me to draw any real conclusions, other than nothing really standing out in a negative way.  I don't have a pair of HD-800's so I can't do a direct comparison at this time.
 More laid back and diffuse if I had to describe it in two ways. Not how I would've described the SR-009 before though.   Overall, the SR-009 has a softer edge on everything.  It's still extremely quick and articulate, and THE best electrostatic I've ever heard when it comes to bass and the openness of it's soundstage, especially when paired with the Blue Hawaii. But the HE-1000 sounds to be on another level altogether.   The HE-1000 definitely needs a top notch amp to be...
 Other than adding HDMI as an input, there have been no changes to the Realiser from the original as far as how it sounds and functions.  (other than improvements from firmware updates). With better headphones, the better the SVS Realiser processed effect sounds.  The most noticeable difference between the HE-1000 and others like the SR-009, is that the HE-1000 had the least amount of your typical left right phasing separation sound effect that you can hear.  It's...
 HE-1000 (no cable)= 470 gramsHE-560 (no cable)= 381 grams Using my kitchen scale.
 I'm not saying you were since I didn't witness you wearing them, but I noticed a lot of people wearing the HE-1000's Backwards.  It was more to do with the headphone display holders that HifiMan were using were too short for the HE-1000, and many people put them back on reversed to keep from resting them directly on their headphone cables. The soundstage from the HE-1000 is completely different from any headphone I've ever heard.  And by different, I mean, it's simply...
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