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I recently purchased Jaybird X2 from Amazon twice.  One was fake and one was real.     There are subtle differences between the two.  The fake looks pretty convincing otherwise, unless you know what to look for.  Sound quality-wise, the Real one is definitely better.  The Fake one had a high pitched noise present when idle and channel imbalance.  The Bass with the Fake was also boomier and sloppier compared to the Real ones.     Here are pics to show the difference...
Got a chance to listen to the Shangri La prototype at CES. They sounded faster and more transparent than the HE-1000. The bass dynamics and "slam" weren't as pronounced as thr HE-1000 however. But from what I heard, the Shangri La prototype wasn't finalized, as there are still planned improvements. The accompanying amp is no accident, but as usual is designed to show off the headphones properly. Speaking with Fang, he wishes for the Shangri La to be paired with...
Just got an Apogee Groove.     It works with my Samsung Note 4 (T-Mobile with Android 4.4.4) without a battery + usb cable splitter adapter.     The Groove's built in amp is pretty terrible, at least with IEM's like my JH Audio Layla.  The sound is heavily veiled, almost muffled sounding, with the soundstage and imaging really smeared.  It's basically like putting cotton balls in your ears.  Using the headphone out from the Groove to my Pico Power greatly improves the...
Wasn't able to make it to the Schiit Show, as I have a nasty cold. Didn't want to make others sick.
The screws were in a small zip baggie with a screwdriver for me as well. I didn't use the screws. I haven't had a problem with the battery cover coming off on accident.
Unboxing pics here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/656138/hifiman-hm-901-visit-pg-18-imgs-pg-19-new-beta-fw-1st-page-to-the-901s/3270#post_11817914
Any luck with the Apogee Groove and a Samsung Note 4 with KitKat 4.4.4?
Matrix Audio does not offer shipping to the United States. Where is one in the USA supposed to buy an X-Sabre from? Edit - nevermind, I got redirected to their international site. Weird. The shopping cart is shared between each version.
The 901S is actually a little thinner, particularly at the top around the volume controller area is. Due to its unibody chassis design, it does visually look bulkier. However, the new all aluminum body is very solid. Overall the 901S feels better constructed, everything is tighter, buttons and dial wheel are more responsive.But yes, overall the 901S is pretty much the same size as the original 901.
I am currently using an IEM (GAME) Amp card since I am primarily using my JH Audio Layla's with the 901S. This 901S will need a lot of burn in before I can make meaningful comparisons between the two.
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