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 FYI, HifiMan is at the 30th Floor at the Venetian  (HE-1000 and EF-1000 there).   They are also in South Hall (with HE-1000 and EF-6 there),  but it's so loud in South Hall. 
Listening to the HE-1000 on the EF -6 amp now.   Anyone with an EF-6 will not be disappointed with the HE-1000.
Posted a quick video of the HE-1000 in the other thread.
Just spent some time with the HE-1000.  Very impressed.  So very fast, even more comfortable than the HE-560, and the styling is stunning.  Dr. Fang Bian has raised the bar yet again.   Here's a quick panning video of it for you all to enjoy.    
At long last!   I'll be going, come hell or high water.  or both.
 No, this one doesn't have the enhanced durability changes, only the final sound changes. 
Very well articulated comparison to the HE-6, Clenmaster. 
Also to note that the finish in the wood ear cups is improved from the first test model I received.  It's a bit more yellowish warmer in tint, and the satin finish is slightly glossy now with a very smooth surface.  Much more refined and premium now.
I have the latest Revision of the HE-560 now.   Sound is definitely improved.  The Bass, most notably.  It goes as low as the HE-6, maybe a tad bit more.  There is more Bass than the previous test HE-560 unit.  Bass is still very tight.    Transparency in soundstage is much improved due to change in the ear pads.  I am no longer hearing those undesirable internal reflections in sound.    The Treble seems largely unchanged, still smooth and somewhat recessed compared...
I think perhaps it may be more of the spacing of the pads, being considerable thicker, they move the transducers further away.  Kind of like the Grado Bowls vs. Flats.   Whatever it is, it causes some undesirable effects to sound quality of the HE-6.  We'll see what the final pads are like when the final production model is out.
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