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The more changes we ask for, the more delays will happen.
Lots of Schiit crammed into the rear.
Only Jotunheim AFAIK
For scale reference, and it didn't melt my chapstick either.
The new Jotunheim is a powerful little package. It's much smaller than I thought it would be. It truly is self contained, no extra external power brick, and fully balanced too! Enough power to max out most ortho magneplanars too. While not quite as much finesse and bass as more powerful and much larger balanced amps, it's still quite adequate. Overall, I think the Jotunheim would make for an incredible transportable office rig. It barely gets warm too.
*cough London CanJam cough*
The built in headphone outputs are pretty decent, but you really would be better off using a headphone amp with more power hungry headphones. Especially magneplanar orthos. The A16 really has a great assortment of inputs and outputs. They really did think of just about everything. I won't be using dual users (with different PRIR) but it's nice to know I can. I'll likely use both Headphone RCA outputs to two different amplifiers so I can use different heaphone...
Ah, I see.   No worries. I'm hoping that the Realiser A16 does not use power from it's USB input, as it's often prone to noise and interference.  
It's not USB bus powered. It has USB 2.0 so it can be used as a sound card for a computer.According to their current specs the A16 uses a 60 watt 16V Universal PSU with different power cords for different regions. Sounds like a laptop style PSU that can utilize the usual 100 - 240V range.
As much as I hate Kickstarter, I've backed this project.  It helps that I have one of the early Realiser A8's, and have personally known the people behind my absolute favorite audio toy.     What really sealed the deal for me was the fact that the Realiser A16 is pretty much a stand alone product, where the decoders are built in, and the big one, USB input and ASIO drivers for computer use.   That's really huge for me, as I watch most of my movies on a computer.  
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