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Sandisk 200GB Micro SDXC Card is exFAT formatted by default.
From my time listening to the AK380, it definitely has improved sound quality over the AK240.  Whether or not the price difference is worth it is up to you.  
HE-1000 takes a long time to break in.  Treble smooths out and is less peaky sounding.  The bass also tightens up and extends lower.  The bass on these headphones is simply unmatched by any headphone out there, in terms of extension, speed, and detail.   The headband size is still a concern, even the ones I tried at THE Show in Newport, CA, which had the smaller head sling/band.  It's still going to leave a significant number of people with smaller heads unable to wear...
 If Astell and Kern can get Tidal streaming, that would be a huge boon for them.
Got to play around with it at THE Show in Newport, but it wasn't working at the time.
 Customs sound better too.  I've been comparing my Custom Layla with a Universal one, and even after futzing with the fit of the Universal, my Custom Layla sounds better because it's fit is perfect every time. Customs are definitely a lot more of a hassle to get than Universal, but if you can get a perfect fit, it's so worth it. 
 The SQ is indeed improved from the AK240 in the limited time I've heard it at THE Show in Newport.  I used my custom Layla's.  It pairs very well with it.     The stock amp is indeed rather underpowered in the 380, not nearly enough for full sized cans like HiFiMan HE-1000.  Only portable player I would bother with full sized cans would be like the HiFiMan HM-901 (or 901S) with balanced amp card.  Maybe the AK380's amp "sled" will be much better, I don't know, as the one...
 No option to turn off scan.  
I have this exact same problem with the Sandisk Extreme Plus 256GB card. I tried two different ones and they both had the same problem.  It's a compatibility issue I'm sure, as the same files don't cause the problems with a smaller 128GB Extreme Pro card.  Perhaps the 256GB Extreme Pro is fundamentally different than the Extreme Plus line?
 Astell and Kern doesn't hire designers from Japan either.
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