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I just got the Z2 and it has a great screen and camera.But I'm very unimpressed with the sound quality.Bass sounds muddy,treble is lacking and worst of all headphone output level is one of the worst compared to other current phones with benchmark tests.I'm returning it for the iPhone 5s.And it was What HifI and their BS review that convinced me to get the Z2 based on their praising of the sound quality. 
I have not seen or heard the Sony Z2 yet.But I did see and hear the Samsung Galaxy S5.And the screen is very impressive. Especially at all viewing angles.No glare at all.Of course that was only indoors.
Well yesterday I went to a store with my Atrio IEMs and listened to both the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S.The iPhone sounded very good with good detail.But the S5 had a more of a warm full dynamic sound with better bass.I'm going to check out the Sony Z2 and HTC One M8 later this week.
I read your comment about the Sandisk clipI initially liked the sound of my zip especially with FLAC.But i realized it doesn't have the full sound stage of my iPod classic.It is the best sounding source for my M100s along with my ALO M3 amp.I read many praise about the NAD HP 50 headphones.I want to demo those.
Would you happen to know which version Canada has?I asked someone who works at my carrier and they have no clue.
Isn't there the international version that has the wolfson DAC?
SpiderNhan has his preferred cans for his music.But the M100s are not  mid recessed enough to skip vocal centric music.Not at all.Depends on the studio mixing the vocals can be pushed back at times.In fact I just played Angie by Tori Amos and Patience by G'N'R on both my HD580 and M100s.And although the HD580s were clearer in the vocals.The M100s are not far off.But it would take some pretty bad headphones to screw up Tori Amos's vocals.Though female vocals do sound...
Interesting.Thanks for elaborating.
@SpiderNhan   Which are your favourite V Moda Headphones?
It was between the GS5 and Z2 for me.But these specs sealed the deal for the Galaxy S5.
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