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LG G5 vs HTC 10 is the comparison i really want to know more about.
Omg.Listening to "Copy Of A" NIN(FLAC) on my sandisk clip> cambridge audio cxa60 > bowers & wilkins 685 S2 (speakers)set up.Sounds fantastic.Love the timbre and speed.
These manufacturers are banking on people's ignorance of what is actually released in their country.That's not only ethically wrong but its false advertising.
Yes.They market these phones with having these great specs and then when the phone is released,that hyped up version is only available in a few countries.That is misleading.
But then again the US did get the V10 but Canada did not.So where is the consistency?
So if that is true then there are not enough audiophiles in Canada and the US to warrant the release of the higher quality phones with better DACs.
Can someone explain why these phone manufacturers release different versions of the same phones for specific countries?I don't understand the logic behind this.Why not release one international version?This strategy is getting old and tiresome.
Some exciting phones coming out.
I looked on amazon and it says currently not available.
Ok thanks.So it looks like the ipod classic is becoming (or is already)obsolete when it comes to compatibility with DACS.
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