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I've also narrowed my search for a DAP down to Pioneer XDP-100R,Onkyo DP-X1 and Fiio X7.Although my main use for it will be line out to home stereo and car stereo.
Does this variable output setting actually work?
It does seem to be the case.
At $1000 a pop most people would think there wouldn't be any hardware issues.
So then its a true line out ?
So 3.5mm jack is for headphones only and the 2.5mm balanced is for line out.
Sorry im confused and this was probably already asked.Does this DP-X1 only have a balanced line out or does it also have a single ended 3.5mm line out.
I saw the international internet unveiling.All these phone manufacturers are playing games with consumers.Apple are the worst offenders IMO.
That is total BS.LG markets this phone as being able to use the phone with all modules.And this is how we find out the truth.
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