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Is there any way of transferring FLAC files to iPhone 6S or do you have to convert it to ALAC ? If so what's the best program to convert?
Is the dual boot rockbox usable with the ipod classic 7th gen 160GB? Because when I opened up the installer the configure box did not show 7th gen ipod classic only 5th gen.I tried both stable and beta and it was the same for both.My apologies if this was already answered. 
How do we know its a new version?And im assuming new version means no loose headphone jacks failing?
Sorry the question was meant for headfi19
Are your units from old batch or the new batch ?(which Onkyo have apparently fixed the loose headphone jack problem)
Thanks.The X7 is top of my list now.I have read about other DAP players having hardware problems as well as software.
I have heard the Fiio X5ii with V moda headphones and i liked it.I couldn't audition the Mojo because my phone Samsung galaxy alpha wouldn't connect and i also had ipod classic that wasn't compatible.
@Relic -So when the X5ii and X7 are hooked up to the Mojo ,is it the mojo DAC being used or is it their DAC being used?
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