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How does the M1 sound hooked up to mojo using a phone as a transport?Better than just a phone with mojo or the same?And just more convenient with riddance of a micro usb cable?
Oh nice.Enjoy
DT770 Pro 250ohm They sound excellent with my Mojo and Z5 Xperia.Treble is smooth and detailed without harshness and bass is full and ample.
I would assume it will minimize RF noise which will give a cleaner signal.
Anyone chime in on how the M1 sounds with Mojo?
Very good point.These Chord products are made in UK not china.They are not outsourcing like most companies.
This add on module costs more than mojo! :-S
Nothing will replace the ability to store and play your own music.And certainly not these streaming apps.
It powers my 250ohm DT770 with ease. This is my house sound now.Very transparent full natural sound.I dont feel the need to add an amp to the chain and colour the sound.Line out is perfectly clean and powerful.
New Posts  All Forums: