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Enterhiro is spot on with his Gas recommendation. Zauberberg is also a fantastic album.Andy Stott's  'We stay together' is also deep. Don't know if it's techno AND ambient AND dub though, I've never understood composite mini genres.
  B. Fleischmann - Angst Is Not a Weltanschauung!   (PS. This is my first post after a five year headfi hiatus)
$ for me too, and "right-Alt" 5 is a Euro sign €
I think the best bikeshops are those with a good and prominent workshop. Is it nice and tidy? Are the tools reasonably new and well organised? Is there any wheel building going on? Also, snobby staff means no good.
I'm raising this thread from the dead, I just got their amazing "The Sunset Tree". This is a fantastic album. I sampled a few other albums, but making lo-fi into an artform isn't really my thing. Any other MG albums that are comparable to The Sunset Tree?
Arvo Part is often connected to medieval and renaissance music, especially his choral efforts. Victoria's Requiem and Palestrina's "Missa Papae Marcelli" might be worth looking into.
I'm very fond of Björk, but only since Homogenic (Debut and Post never really interested me). If you're coming from Sigur Ros, I'd recommend starting there. Then Vespertine (my fav), Selmasongs and Medulla.
Quote: Originally Posted by discord All they did was change the color and dub it "Anniversary Edition" ? It's also cheaper than the normal version.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnFerrier Looks like at least three votes for Glassworks. Glassworks is great, and a good place to start.
I've been a MMJ fanboy eversince I saw them playing live back in 2000. Since then they have evolved from a bunch of shyish nerdy types playing accoustic songs to a great rockband. Their new albums always surprise me as they are definately not afraid to try something new.
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