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IIR type?
NO, dac or dac/amp? yes, USB dac or dac/amp? unlikely
@ Frenchbatt: even if your T1 are 40ohms across their whole bandwidth (very unlikely is putting it mildly) they will be affected by an output impedance that is more than half that. do you have any links to a plot of impedance vs frequency for T1? I just googled for them and had no luck. pretty much any crossover will have dips and peaks already and the crossover is adjusted to account for the natural dips and peaks in the response vs frequency of the individual drivers, a...
umm, no, no it isnt exaggerated, its actually very easy to measure, its easily seen on the basic measurements taken by a hobbiest of the effect on even a single driver low impedance headphone, add in a crossover and you have a really bad linearity vs frequency. its not rocket science and the levels are squarely in the audible range. it seems people like the sony because of the EQ and effects most times, just because Sony couldnt get it right either and some people liked...
good work Feiao, smaller than expected and I like the brushed black, sign me up! its not perfect, but neither is anything else and its better than paying 3x what I want to for features that mean nothing for my uses, external volume knobs.... high output impedance and generally bad analogue design (iriver i'm looking at you) how can I make sure I know about it as soon as released and can I buy from anyone direct? by the time its stocked in AU, as usual they will double...
it seems too expensive for limited technology IMO
umm the headphones forum.... but please do not just immediately start a thread as you did here without even finding the forums section.... the information you seek will already be there, we have enough 'which headphone should I buy' threads thanks...
yes, as would I; but we arent talking about what we would do are we mate? =) we are talking about what the OP already has done. I mentioned it might have been a good idea to test the original as my first line of reply too, but I get the feeling that isnt an option anymore. if it is, sure its the best way forward sans having info from the manufacturer.
no definite standard no, but ive had a number of stock cables from many manufacturers open. blue is going to be left, red is going to be right, those 2 are pretty much definite. green and bronze are where i'm going by international electrical wiring standards where green is ground, leaving bronze to be mic. i'm guessing the plug he chopped off is a molded plug, maybe not so easy to get into
actually it appears the iphone has dominated so much that they all pretty much use that standard now
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