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yup, thats another fail on their part, it shorts the outputs/inputs to ground plugging it in or out. things were designed for telephone switchboards in the mono form, not hifi equipment in the stereo format...
I think you meant to say150ohms, in other words, no IEM i've ever heard of....ER4P meets the non-ideal 100ohms, but thats the only one IO know of
back to X3 please!
no it didnt.... arrgh, why is this so hard?post 2659in reply to post #2649
sure, I said nothing about the UHA6 and neither did he in the post I replied to, I was very specifically commenting that it wouldnt work with ANY USB dac over USB. the specific dac in question was only mentioned afterwards. the question I replied to was
no, they are NOT the only things affected. even the 60ohms dynamic HD25 headphone that they supply with the deluxe edition of the AK100 is significantly affected. not just FR either, but distortion and crosstalk are meaningfully worseits perfectly reasonable to judge based on such an oversight. given the target audience will mostly be using lower impedance headphones with this thing. its simply bad design and shows a lack of understanding of both the market and the technology
yikes! haha so 16x louder at 8khz lol
I couldnt find one either.oh I get what you are saying, no worries this stuff isnt always easy to put into words, especially if you are tempering your words so as to be more easily understood by the non-technically minded.When an amp has 20ohms output impedance, it effectively becomes a series resistor in the crossover circuit, which will change the various LPF, HPF, BPF and impedance flattening networks, which may very well expose large dips and bumps in the response of...
what part about my post was confusing? yes it can work as a dac/amp, but not over USB afaikon another note, re battery concerns, can it be used with a n external extended battery?
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