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if you can wait till April next year for it yes =)
still using something designed for plugging unplugging live as part of its very existence to argue? low bandwidth, line level (yes the thing being plugged is line level) every switch shunted most likely. if it didnt work that would be pretty stupid. these days its becoming more and more likely that turning the volume down is meaningless in this situation (digital control means its full volume all the time from an analogue transient's point of view) its a stupid thing to...
old post but gotta reply I just saw it, if you dont want to be a jerk, dont be a jerk.... there are all manner of reasons not to plug and unplug connectors live when you have speakers or headphones connected, its just bad practice and why buy a connector just so you can continue bad habits? are you really comparing (mostly line level or below and hardly high quality) patchbays connected to crappy mono industrial systems.... to amplified hifi gear? patchbays are often of...
heavy or light?how are they terminated?
no, generally 67-69K will work theere is no way to cater for ALL, only most, there are a few models that broke from the norm. look at for the ipod/iphone pinout info on all the models
does your linux build support UAC2 (USB Audio Codec 2)? chances are the dac is driverless on mac, needs driver on windows and should with some linux builds be 'driverless' as well
coolness! though for true coolness it needs a gigantic golden knob
its the ADC and mic-pre thats the issue, all the options they are offering simply interface with the same parts on the circuit with different connectors. a discrete mic-pre and ADC do not. one could conceivably leverage a mono mic-pre from the headphone amp circuit without too much complication in gain, but if you want a digital out from that mic input, not just analogue, then its a whole different ballgame. it also doesnt seem to sport a line in at all? does it work as...
why? its no good for any of those purposesoh and i'll say it again, adding an ADC and decent quality mic-pre to this at this stage is a ridiculous suggestion both technology and logistics wise be realistic please of they'll just start ignoring input. do you guys want your amps some time in the first half of 2013? do you guys buying this for listening mind making concessions?
is there another way to run it? a few more channels for what? dont say surround? the ODAC is async and async only, meaning there is no way to synchronise the clock to multiple dacs, so there will be phase differences between the different drivers that will probably change each time you turn the system on and each time it changes samplerate, not so hot for multichannel or digital crossovers.
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