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umm just calling their company esoteric says it all for me. its a ridiculously overpriced, underspecced part in an outdated package that just happens to use a copper leadframe (worth an extra 40 bucks dont you think?), which will be plugged into a brass dip socket.... its outgunned by opamps designed nearly 20 years ago, but it suits esoteric because they can say its an opamp designed for audio... whatever the hell that means. most 'audio spec' parts are rejects that...
zilch0md: sorry I didnt reply to the above mate, theres a significant amount of time involved in a proper reply for that that covers a lot of research I did over the last 2 years and to be honest I not only dont realy have the time, but it also involves research involved in a possible product development. I wouldnt use that alarm though, it will not be designed for audio ie. it will not have been designed wrt the amount of noise it spills back into the power
nothing really special about them mate, they are a low power video opamp, thus it does have pretty high slewrate, but that doesnt always make it an easy dropin replacement for audio. its current feedback video slinging brethren such as AD811 are superior video opamps when used for audio, but these are not dropin either, due to being current feedback (847 is voltage FB afaik). basically theres nothing that sets it apart from others you already have. the MUSE is a bit lame...
yep, its just a temporary case so wont look like this for long, but i'm pretty much done with the current design. its a mix of very high objective spec (kills ODAC+O2) as well as some audiophile overkill for good measure. will be auditioning new transports for it in the coming months. will start with the Fiio X3 (so disappointed with the iriver AX100) but have some other ideas of my own
portable hifi isnt silly, it just needs the right brand of commitment =) this is home hifi that just happens to be transportable, performance is closer than I would like to my home rig. power to burn, clean as a whistle, 40bit digital volume control (by directly controlling the dac), impedance controlled digital interconnections, transformer coupled spdif inputs, handles up to 32/384kHz (in fact handles DSD with an addition i'm working on), balanced signal path all the...
5W into HE-6?. if you can get 1W into HE6 without going deaf i'd be very surprised. now that takes considerably more than a 1W amp, but I think most would be very surprised just how little power a 100W speaker amp designed and biased for 4-8ohms speaker loads puts into the HE6 much higher impedance
coax on mini is a hack, not a standard, RCA is bad enough, doesnt meet the 75ohm spec, mini would be complete mess, each type/brand of minijack would have a totally different impedance, none of which would be 75ohms. then of course with combo jacks you have the issue of detecting whether its a digital or analogue signal and the possible damage a mistake in that process would cause.
nope, you missed my point, I was mainly on about the F5 class A bias, which is aimed at a specific load and headphones are pretty far from it. far from the loudest levels, it'll probably be the softer levels you would notice it if anything =) ie crossover and intermod distortion but lets just talk about it at the meet, bring it along, i'm not really familiar with the other amp you mentioned for them
yeah I was thinking i'd lower the gain, my point above re F5 is mainly due to it being class A biased for lowZ speaker loads and fairly low rails, you wont get much class A into K1000 with 15V rails (standard for an F5) just not sure how gracefully the F5 transitions to AB given its primarily a class A amp. 15V rails on an F5 will probably net more like 10v usable swing once the drop across the fets is taken into account. thats not to say it wont work at normal listening...
I ask, just so I can see what /I can do about bringing these 14W class AB, these are my tweeter amps but should work well, I was going to try to bring them anyway, will see. speaker taps dont really have much to do with it, just many suitable amps happen to be low power speaker amps i'll be interested to hear with F5, would have thought that was a little bit voltage limited for highish impedance. great amp though!
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