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realizing why the O2 and ODAC are cheap only takes a few minutes of thought. hint, because their development, design, prototyping, testing and support are not part of the cost because they were given away for free (well I expect the bigger resellers are bearing some of this support, particularly since he who shall not be named seems to have been either assassinated, or gotten bored) it was and is based on a false economy and the fact some people now wonder why others dont...
oh come-on man... read a little please
nah there wont be a thread, ive seen how that goes with the armchair experts (I know, ive been one of them). if i'm going to make a go of this i'm doing it my way, I dont want to have to explain everything to the peanut gallery and I dont want to give everything away, because there are a couple of novel ideas that I havent seen done or even talk of it. but we should probably keep on topic in here, I just posted the pics to illustrate that 'portable' doesnt have to mean...
a buffer has nothing to do with boosting voltage
its significantly smaller than the particular rig the OP was talking about.... just sayin in my reading of his first post I dont think he would have had a huge problem had the performance matched the size and outlay. this punches well above its weight. I know, I used to carry one like that ie. 4 cap vcap OIMP + VCAP teflon dock, lisa III, imod and cables is considerably larger, heavier and more vulnerable. particularly once i've embeded some sort of source or reciever....
erm the teflon is for insulation, it has nothing to do with being exposed to the elements or not
that depends on where the hiss is coming from and where the volume control is placed in the signal path
very likely Justin, toslink isnt limited to 96, but most optical RX still are. my i5 2011 mac mini is limited to 24/96, luckily my USB will do 32/384 in 4 channels =). only a select few optical parts will decode 24/192 and even then finding something that will accept it is the other half of the battle
yeah its a bit mental like its owner... no not available soon, something yes and probably not really that soon (depends on your definition) but not this exactly
thanks yeah well maybe look for something in the not too distant future...., but not this exactly. this contains others IP that I dont have the right to sell. Shout outs go to the Twisted Pear Crew for the buffalo II (somewhat modified =P), which is a far more suitable dac for this project than the BIII, opc for 'the wire' bal-bal pcbs, Tom for his help realizing the custom volume control/PSU/IO/Battery monitor PCB (nerve center in other words) and last but not least...
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