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yep same thing as what i'm talking about, just done internaly, as you can see above i'd already looked that up in your manual to check it was possible and edited. I use ackodac these days for the main rig and have buff32 and buff II, but jumped ship before BIII and had to make sure it was doable with software.glad you sorted it out
you can test by just shorting across the line of SData1-SData8 inputs to test before working out how to do that the neatest
ahh sorry I thought they had made it so its able to be routed to all the dacs with the BIII in stereo mode, it depends on the dac implementation. PCM is louder or at least equal if the i2s is routed to all of the dacs. it depends on the source too, I havent tested Amanero in this way to see if it has enough current, it may not be able to drive all the dac cells properly, but you could try sending the D1 ('Data' pin on Amanero) to all of the 8 PCM inputs (SData1, SData2,...
I meant accessory 'upgrades' its great the cases you have pictured come with the player, I too have changed my mind, I thought you meant solid white too, I like the translucent white better than black
seriously? I think they will wisely leave the waffling about subjective sound quality to the experts...
nice work! PCM is also somewhat louder sometimes than spdif with ESS so make sure to level match for comparisons. the Amanero board is a nice little unit, great for the money
myself I stick to low inductance ceramic or thin film SMD, perhaps SMD PPS film. completely agreed, high class opamps are already running output stages in Class A or high bias AB for most loads. besides a CCS would be preferred for bias in a case/device that responds to it. indiscriminately biasing into class A is of little benefit IMO
yep, device first, accessories later
haha sorry... too dry? yeah I got it.indeed 3D printers and CNC are the future for niche hobbiests like us, even for short run PCB fabrication. Add in the spread of more accessible CLPD and FPGA programming tools and we can make our own hardwired firmware and dacs.actually seeing it on the unit the white is quite nice
oh yeah, oh well another brilliant idea down the drain, killed by a minor detail.I expected the hardcase would not be viable, at this price level and in smallish numbers it would likely increase the cost of the unit by 25% or more. I like silicone cases myself, stops them slipping out and it'll hardly ever be used my itself, it'll be in a padded rig bag with my portable dac-amp. I think i'm going to have a bit of fun modding this thing too.
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